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Deseret Sunday School Song Book

Deseret Sunday School Song Book, English.
Deseret Sunday School Union. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
1891. 1894, 3rd Edition. 153 songs.


Historical. This collection is out of print.

This edition is believed to be in public domain in the United States, either because it was published before 1923, or because it was published before 1964 and the copyright was not renewed. Any songs from before 1923 are in public domain and may be freely copied from their pre-1923 source. Note that individual songs written between 1923 and 1964 may still be copyrighted, even if the collection has fallen out of copyright.

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9. Stars of Morning, Shout for Joy!

10. This Day we Come Before Thee, Lord

11. Land of the blest

12. Nearer, My Savior, to Thee

13. My Sabbath Home

14. Beautiful Words of Love

15. Faith

16. Jubilee Song

17. I’ll Serve the Lord While I am Young

18. My Own Home

19. Oh Zion, Dear, How Joyful!

20. Morn Amid the Mountains

21. Beautiful Zion

22. Sacramental Hymn

23. Sabbath Morning Comes with Gladness

24. Beautiful Day

25. Come, Join Our Celebration

27. Oh, How Blest Will be That Day!

28. When the Rosy Light of Morning

29. Closing Hymn

Arr.: Ebenezer Beesley

30. Waiting for the Reapers

32. Parting Hymn

33. Our Mountain Home so Dear

34. Hope of Israel

35. Marching Homeward

36. Hark, Listen to the Trumpeters

37. Haste to the Sunday School

38. Join the Children of the Lord

39. The Bright New Year

40. Song of the Seasons

41. A Happy Band of Children

42. The Sabbath Day

43. Little Children, Love the Savior

44. Love at Home

45. Supplication Hymn

46. Missionary Hymn

47. Heavenly Treasure

48. Improve the Shining Moments

49. Sacrament Prayer

50. Zion is Growing

Arr.: C. J. Thomas

51. Life is Full of Toil and Care

52. The Coming Day

53. Give us Room that we may Dwell

54. Is there Anything that we can do?

56. I’ll be a Little “Mormon”

57. Song of the Workers

59. The Sacrament

60. When shall we Meet Thee?

62. Day of Rest

63. The Lord will Provide

64. Thy People Trust in Thee, O Lord

66. Nay, Speak no Ill

67. Supplication

68. Sowing

69. A Song of Greeting

70. “Come Follow Me”

71. Rock of My Refuge

72. The Children’s Song-Prayer

73. Let us Treat Each Other Kindly

75. Kind and Gracious Father

76. Land of Zion

77. Gladly Meeting

78. Try it Again

79. Hymn of Praise

80. Come Ye Children of the Lord

81. Did You Think to Pray?

82. Utah, the Queen of the West

83. Sweet is the Work

84. Welcome, Welcome Sabbath Morning

85. Zion Prospers! All is Well

86. We Want to See the Temple

87. Providence is Over All

88. Sacramental Hymn

89. Christmas Carol

90. What Prize Shall be Your Reward?

92. Loving One Another

93. Come with Tuneful Voices

94. We’ll Sing All Hail to Jesus’ Name

95. All Nature Invites our Praise to God

96. Let the Holy Spirit Guide

97. Sacramental

99. God Speed the Right

100. Song of Praise

101. A Thanksgiving Hymn

102a. Hark! the Pretty Birds are Singing (Round for Four Voices)

102b. Song of Triumph

105. Devotional Hymn

106. Come, Rally in the Sunday School

107a. Guide me to Thee

107b. Before You Make a Promise (Round for Four Voices)

108. Kind Words are Sweet Tones of the Heart

110. Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken

111. All Things Beautiful

112. God is Love

113. A Precious Jewel

114. Joseph Smith’s First Prayer

115. The Missionaries’ Farewell

117. Let Love Abound

118. The Bees of Deseret

120. Wanted on the Other Side

121. The Lord is my Light

122. The “Mormon” Boy

124. Come Along

126. The Classmates’ Song

127. Zion Stands with Hills Surrounded

128. Marching Homeward

130. Hark! Listen to the Music!

Arr.: C. J. Thomas

132. Ere the Sun Goes Down

133. Thanks for the Sabbath School

135. Far, far away on Judea’s Plains

136. Weary Not

137. When Jesus Shall Come in His Glory

139. Children Gladly Join and Sing

140. Glory to these Latter Days

141. Sweet Sabbath Day

143. A Jubilee Song

145. Gather Round the Standard Bearer

146. We Meet Again

147. A Sunday School Call

148. Jesus, Mighty King in Zion!

149. Never From Thee!

150. Sacramental Hymn

151. God Will Bless the Pure in Heart

152. A Call and Answer

Arr.: William G. Bickley

153. ’Tis Sweet to Mingle Voices

154. To-day

155. Let us All be Good and Kind

156. Sing and Pray

157. O, Come to the Jubilee

158. Never be Late

159. A Thanksgiving Hymn

160. One More Year has Gone

161. Little Lispers

162. Break not the Sabbath Day

163. Come Dear Children, Join and Sing

164. Songs of the Heart

165. Children’s Song

166. The Primary March

167. The Cause of Truth

169. Sunday School Opening Hymn

170. The Iron Rod

171. Welcome to Our Union Meeting

172. Beautiful Day of Rest

173. The World is Full of Beauty

175. The Gushing Rill

176. The Songs of Zion

177. Go when the Morning Shineth

178. Our Jubilee

179. With Songs we Hail that Star-lit Night

180. Island of Dreams

181. Our Home in the Mountains

183. Home, Sweet Home

184. America

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