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MIA Let’s Sing, No. 2

Historical (Miscellaneous), English.
1968. 1968 Edition. 108 songs.


Historical. This collection is out of print.


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4. Harmony Greeting

5a. Morning Comes Early

5b. Walking at Night

6. The Little Sandman

Trans.: Max Exner (from None)

7. The Lord’s My Shepherd

Arr.: Max Exner

8a. Steal Away

8b. Little Wheel

Arr.: A. D. Z.

9. This Is My Father’s World

10a. Wayfaring Stranger

10b. Alleluia

Adapt.: H. R. W.

11a. When the Saints Go Marching Home

11b. Were You There?

12. Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella

13a. He Is Born

13b. Allelujah (Round)

14. Infant Holy

Trans.: E. M. G. Reed (from None)

Arr.: E. M. G. Reed

15. While by My Sheep

Arr.: Hugo Jungst

16a. Joseph Dearest

Trans.: N. S. T. (from None)

16b. Christmas Bells

17. The Foot Traveler

18. The Caravan Song

19a. Day Is Done (Taps)

19b. C’est la nuit, tout se tait (Français)

19c. E’la sera tutto face (Italian)

19d. Durch die Nacht, tönet sacht (Deutsch)

19e. D’avond valt, alles zwijgt (Nederland)

19f. Dagen dör, skymning rår (Svensk)

19g. Ilta saa uinahtaa (Finland)

19h. Dagen randt, solen svandt (Dansk)

19i. Siopilí, apalí, sta vouná (Greek)

19j. Le soir descend

20a. I Love the Mountains

20b. Sing Your Way Home

21. Swinging along

22a. The Time Has Come

22b. The Train (El Tren)

Trans.: Mary S. de Saettone (from None)

23a. We’re All Together Again

23b. Han Skal Leve

24a. Gladness

Trans.: Max Exner (from None)

24b. The Owl in the Elm (A Round)

24c. Praise and Thanksgiving (Lobet und Praiset)

25a. Bella Bimba

Trans.: K. F. R. (from None)

Arr.: A. D. Z.

25b. Silver and Gold

26a. Ol’ Texas

26b. Red River Valley

27. Chíu, Chíu, Chíu

Trans.: M. R. de Saettone (from None)

28a. Lazy Robin (Robin Ddiog)

Trans.: Gomer L. Jones (from None)

28b. Happy Days

29a. The Singing School

29b. Lovely Evening

30a. Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron

30b. A Ram Sam Sam

31. Dogie Song

32. Lueget vo Bergen und Tal (Soir sur l’Alpe / Evening Song)

Trans.: K. F. R. (from None)

33a. Twenty-One

33b. The Herdsman

34. Greensleeves

35a. The Happy Plowman

Trans.: Mrs. Albert Magnuson (from None)

35b. Donkeys and Carrots

Trans.: A. D. Z. (from None)

36. Hawaiian Serenade

Trans.: A. D. Z. (from None)

Arr.: A. D. Z.

37a. Holla Hi, Holla Ho

Trans.: Peter Kunkel (from None)

37b. Why Does’nt It Rain on Me?

38. Isa Lei (A Farewell Song)

Trans.: Tomasi Tawake (from None)

Adapt.: A. D. Z.

39. Where Is John?

40a. Koni Au I Ka Wai (At the Spring)

Adapt.: A. D. Z.

40b. Echo Yodel

Adapt.: M. V. E.

41a. Let Us Sing Together

41b. Make New Friends

41c. Trampin’

42. Little Sir Echo

42. Passing By

43. Pato, Patito

43. Try the Riddle

43. Toembaï (Round)

44. Muss i denn (It’s Goodbye)

Trans.: G. H. (from None)

45. Es Burebüebli mah-n-i-nit (No Farmer Boy for Me)

Trans.: Max Exner (from None)

46. Pål sine høner (Paul’s Chickens)

47. The Galway Piper

Arr.: Ava Champney

48a. Planting Rice

48b. Go Well and Safely

49a. Pretty Saro

49b. Listen to the Echo

50a. Sakura (Cherry Trees)

Trans.: K. F. R. (from None)

50b. Came A-riding

Trans.: Martha C. Ramsey (from None)

51. Tumbalalaika

Trans.: A. D. Z. (from None)

52a. The Winter Now Is Over

Trans.: K. F. R. (from None)

52b. Now All the Woods Are Waking

53. Clarinet Song

Trans.: A. D. Z. (from None)

54. The Climate

55a. Crocodile Song

55b. The Frogs

56a. Dinga, Dinga, Doodle

56b. Orchestra

57a. Who Did?

57b. Let Us Endeavor

58. Ah Ta Ka Ta Nu Va (The Polar Bear Hunt)

59. The Instruments

60a. Le coq / Mi Gallo / Der Hahn (My Rooster)

60b. The Swan Sings

61. Du, Du

62a. Little Liza Jane

62b. Let’s Be Beginning

63a. Long-Legged Sailor

63b. List to the Bells

64. Titi-Toria

Trans.: Max Exner (from None)

69a. Canoe Round

69b. Seeyahnah

69c. Derry Ding Ding Dason

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