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Nauvoo Pageant

Nauvoo Pageant: A Tribute to Joseph Smith

Music from Church Pageants, English.
Nauvoo, Illinois, USA.
Published year unknown. 31 songs.

Original pageant titled “City of Joseph” (1976–2004).


Online: nauvoopageant.org.

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1. Overture

2. Whistle

3. Prologue

4. Laird Theme (Long)

5. Saints’ Arrival Dance

6. This Earth Was Once a Garden Place

7. How Firm a Foundation

8. Joseph Smith’s First Prayer

9. Makepeace Picnic

10. Book of Mormon/Oh Say, What Is Truth?

11. Preaching the Gospel in England/Laying Out the City (Section 1)

12. Laird Theme (Short)

13. Preaching in England/Laying Out the City (Section 2)

14. Preaching in England/Laying Out the City (Section 3)

15. Nauvoo Temple Cornerstone March

16. Celebration Exit

17. Americana Theme

18. Come, Thou Fount

19. Building Zion

20. Evening Dances

21. Abide with Me/Evening Prayer

22. Morning Transition

23. Laird Conversion

24. Stickball Scene

25. Oh Say, What Is Truth?/Americana Theme

26. Persecution

27. O My Father

28. The Martyrdom (Oh How Lovely/A Poor Wayfaring Man)

29. Abide with Me/Laird Theme

30. The Spirit of God/Finale

31. Curtain Call

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