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Primary Song Book

Primary Song Book, English.
1905. 1924 Edition. 170 songs.


Historical. This collection is out of print.


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1. Cradle Hymn

2. Jesus Bids Us Shine

3. As a Little Child

4. Children’s Morning Song

Arr.: Ebenezer Beesley

5. Hymn of Praise

6. Because He Loves Me So

7. Let the Little Children Come

8. I’m Not Too Young for God to See

9. My Father, for Another Night

10. Oh Jesus! the Giver of All We Enjoy

11. Jesus Once Was a Little Child

12. Jesus Blessed the Children

13. Jesus, Unto Thee I Pray

14. Jesus Thou Art Sweet and Mild

15. Come Join With Me to Sing and Praise

Arr.: Alvin A. Beesley

16. Our Children

17. Christmas Eve

18. A Stranger Star O’er Bethlehem (Song for Christmas)

19. We Ever Pray for Thee

20. Shine On

21. Earth’s Fairest Flowers

22. Little Knees Should Lowly Bend

23. “Trip it Lightly” (For a concert)

Arr.: A. C. Smyth

24. Loving Shepherd

Arr.: A. C. Smyth

25. Our Father in Heaven

26. Our Loving Savior Dear (Trio)

27. I Thank Thee, Dear Father

28. Bless the Children

29. In Our Lovely Deseret

30. In the Chambers of the Mountains

31. Home

32. Christmas Cradle Song

33. A Prayer

34. Spring

35. Summer Time

36. Autumn

37. Winter

38. Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

39. America

40. Utah, we Love Thee (State Song of Utah)

41. Battle Hymn of the Republic

42. Summer

43. Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean

44. The Star-Spangled Banner

45. Hail Columbia!

46. For Decoration Day

47. The Little New Year

48. My Mother Dear

Arr.: Ebenezer Beesley

49. My Father Dear

50. I Love Thee, Utah Dear

51. Light and Shadow

52. Christ and His Little Ones

53. Rock-a-bye Baby

54. Welcome to All

55. The Evening Train

56. Little Things

57. Hidden Treasures

58. Let’s Be Kind to One Another

59. The Busy Bee

60. Gather Up the Sunbeams

61. Loving Mother Kind and True

62. This Is Mother, Kind and Tender

Arr.: Alvin A. Beesley

63. Welcome, Friends of Song

64. Be in Time

65. The Hedge Rose (For a concert)

Arr.: A. C. Smyth

66. Little Lispers

67. Dare to do Right

Arr.: A. C. Smyth

68. We’ll All Stand Up Together (Motion Song)

69. The Children’s Hosanna

70. Good-night

71. Hand Exercise Song

72. Life’s True Joy

73. A Prayer For Zion

Arr.: W. A. W.

74. Tread Softly

75. All Through the Night

Adapt.: Celia Standish

76. A Hymn

77. Autumn Winds

78. A Message of Love

Adapt.: August Krapf

79. A Story

80. The Upward Path

81. I Think When I Read That Sweet Story

Arr.: Hubert P. Main

82. Be Happy

83. Called to Serve

84. Crown of the Lovely Junetide

85. Call Me

86. Can a Little Child, Like Me?

87. Come, Come, Ye Saints

88. Do What is Right

89. O Ye Mountains High

90. O, My Father

91. Prayer is the Soul’s Sincere Desire

92. God’s Love

93. God Knows

94. Lord We Thank Thee

95. Give, Said the Little Stream

96. Praise God

97. God Made Us All

98. Give Me the Joy of Living

Adapt.: J. J. Cutter

99. He Reigns

100. Happy Children’s Day

101. Hark! the Herald Angels Sing!

102. Sleep, Baby, Sleep

Arr.: J. S. Fearis

103. Children’s Day

104. Life’s Mirror

105. Our Sweetest Hymns

106. Days of Spring

107. Rowing

108. Our Work and Our Wealth

109. Our Work and Our Wealth

110. Sometime

111. Spring Song

112. Sunbeams

113. Shed Thy Light

114. Sweet and Low

115. Sing With Joy

116. The First Christmas

117. Tell Me, Dear Lord

118. The Festal Days

119. The Message of His Love

120. Praise Ye the Father

121. Wave the Standard Royal

122. When the Little Children Sleep

123. Lord, Dismiss Us With Thy Blessing

124. Flowers and Children

125. Thy Word is Like a Garden, Lord

126. Suppose

127. Ye Merry Birds

128. The Army of the Living God

129. Welcome Sunshine

130. The Call of Love

131. The Lily and the Bee

132. Two Little Hands

133. I’ll Be a Sunbeam

134. Little Sunbeams

135. Sunshine and Rain

136. Utah, Fairest Utah

137. Dear Little Stranger

138. A Tiny Sunbeam

139. Our Prophet Hero

140. The Call

141. The Bluebirds

142. The Song of the Blue Birds

143. To A Seagull

144. Is The Story True?

145. The Seagull

146. Our Pledge

147. The Trail Builders’ Hymn

148. Memories of Seagull Days

149. A Dream

150. Grant’s March

151. March in Norma

152. A Prayer

153. Calisthenic March

154. Dr. Maeser’s Favorite March

155. Impromptu

156. Marathon

Adapt.: T. H. Wallis

157. Reverie

158. Reverie

159. Andante

160. Prayer from der Freischutz

161. Summer Song

162. The Pilgrim’s Song of Hope (A Celebrated Andante))

163. Voluntary

164. Willow Brook

165. Cradle Song

166. President Young’s Funeral Hymn

Arr.: H. E. Giles

167. Prelude No. 1

168. Prelude No. 2

169. Moonlight Thoughts

170. Nephite Lamentation

Arr.: H. E. Giles

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