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Muzikë e Temës e të Rinjtë

Youth Theme Music, Albanian. LDS Church.
Periodical, –Present. 24 songs.

Music for the annual youth theme and FSY (similar to EFY, but sponsored directly by the Church instead of through BYU).


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Tema e Aktiviteteve të Përbashkëta 2015: Hyni në shërbim të Perëndisë(Return to top) Information Church Links Download Media

1. Nisemi

Words: Nik Day

Music: Nik Day

Artist: Julian Gjodeshi

2. Embark (Anglisht)

Words: Nik Day

Music: Nik Day

3. Më Pran’

Words: Nik Day; Kyle Thorn

Music: Nik Day; Kyle Thorn

Artist: Julian Gjodeshi

4. Show Them (Anglisht)

Words: Nik Day; Maddie Wilson

Music: Nik Day; Maddie Wilson

Artist: Maddie Wilson

5. Silent (Anglisht)

Words: Nik Day; Grayson O’Very

Music: Nik Day; Grayson O’Very

Artist: Grayson O’Very

6. Fragile (Anglisht)

Words: Nik Day; Anna Richey

Music: Nik Day; Anna Richey

Artist: Anna Richey

7. This Life (Anglisht)

Words: Nik Day; Nick Neel

Music: Nik Day; Nick Neel

Artist: Nick Neel

8. Someone He Can Count On (Anglisht)

Words: Nik Day; Bailey Lawson

Music: Nik Day; Bailey Lawson

Artist: Bailey Lawson

9. Sa Mir’ Që Të Jetosh

Words: Nik Day; Regan Rindlisbacher

Music: Nik Day; Regan Rindlisbacher

Artist: Floriana Cenollari

10. Nga Brenda Jashtë

Words: Nik Day; Aaliyah Rose

Music: Nik Day; Aaliyah Rose

Artist: Laura Simonet Caussé

11. Vetëm Ti

Words: Nik Day; Micah Rindlisbacher

Music: Nik Day; Micah Rindlisbacher

Artist: Roni Paja

12. We’re Just People (Anglisht)

Words: Nik Day; Madilyn Paige

Music: Nik Day; Madilyn Paige

Artist: Madilyn Paige

13. Un’ Mund t’bëj Gjithçka

Words: Nik Day; Tanner Townsend

Music: Nik Day; Tanner Townsend

Artist: Filjo Isufaj

Tema e Aktiviteteve të Përbashkëta 2017: Kërkoni(Return to top) Information Church Links Download Media

1. Atin Pyet

Words: Nik Day

Music: Nik Day

Artist: Roni Paja

2. Një Nga Një

Words: Nik Day; Jake Garvin

Music: Nik Day; Jake Garvin

Artist: Filjo Isufaj

3. What Family Means to Me (Anglisht)

Words: Nik Day; Jaeden Vaifanua

Music: Nik Day; Jaeden Vaifanua

Artist: Jaeden Vaifanua

4. Vëllneti Yt U Bëft

Words: Nik Day; Kyle Vorkink

Music: Nik Day; Kyle Vorkink

Artist: Sabrian Cani

5. T’i Mund të Zgjedhësh T’Qendrosh

Words: Nik Day; Lee Gibbons; Justin Garvin

Music: Nik Day; Lee Gibbons; Justin Garvin

Artist: Roni Paja, Aubrie Mema

6. Dëgjoj Zë’n E Tij

Words: Nik Day; Nefi Hernández

Music: Nik Day; Nefi Hernández

Artist: Sabrian Cani

7. Bekimet

Words: Nik Day; Brandon Harms

Music: Nik Day; Brandon Harms

Artist: Filjo Isufaj

8. Better Life (Anglisht)

Words: Nik Day; Helga Camín

Music: Nik Day; Helga Camín

Artist: Helga Camín

9. Vyer

Words: Nik Day; Dylan Manzanares

Music: Nik Day; Dylan Manzanares

Artist: Sabrian Cani

10. Healing Water (Anglisht)

Words: Nik Day; Feli Ika

Music: Nik Day; Feli Ika

Artist: Feli Ika

11. Atin Pyet

Words: Nik Day

Music: Nik Day

Artist: Bajame Topalli

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