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Muzikë e Temës e të Rinjtë

Youth Theme Music, Albanian. LDS Church.
13 songs.


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Tema e Aktiviteteve të Përbashkëta 2015: Hyni në shërbim të Perëndisë(Return to top) Information Church Links Download Media

1. Nisemi (Embark)

Words: Nik Day

Music: Nik Day

Artist: Julian Gjodeshi

2. Nisemi (Embark)

Words: Nik Day

Music: Nik Day

3. Më Pran’

Words: Nik Day; Kyle Thorn

Music: Nik Day; Kyle Thorn

Artist: Julian Gjodeshi

4. Show Them (?)

Words: Nik Day; Maddie Wilson

Music: Nik Day; Maddie Wilson

5. Silent (?)

Words: Nik Day; Grayson O’Very

Music: Nik Day; Grayson O’Very

6. Fragile (?)

Words: Nik Day; Anna Richey

Music: Nik Day; Anna Richey

7. This Life (?)

Words: Nik Day; Nick Neel

Music: Nik Day; Nick Neel

8. Someone He Can Count On (?)

Words: Nik Day; Bailey Lawson

Music: Nik Day; Bailey Lawson

9. Sa Mir’ Që Të Jetosh

Words: Nik Day; Regan Rindlisbacher

Music: Nik Day; Regan Rindlisbacher

Artist: Floriana Cenollari

10. Nga Brenda Jashtë

Words: Nik Day; Aaliyah Rose

Music: Nik Day; Aaliyah Rose

Artist: Laura Simonet Caussé

11. Vetëm Ti

Words: Nik Day; Micah Rindlisbacher

Music: Nik Day; Micah Rindlisbacher

Artist: Roni Paja

12. We’re Just People (?)

Words: Nik Day; Madilyn Paige

Music: Nik Day; Madilyn Paige

13. Un’ Mund t’bëj Gjithçka

Words: Nik Day; Tanner Townsend

Music: Nik Day; Tanner Townsend

Artist: Filjo Isufaj

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