Hymnbooks and other collections in Hiragana Japanese

This list shows hymnbooks and other collections published by the LDS Church in Hiragana Japanese. Hymnbooks/collections that appear in light grey have not been fully indexed. You can change which collections you want to see by using the options on the right.

For the General Church

For Children

For Youth


賛美歌 (1989) 賛美歌 (1989) 讃美歌 (1960) 末日聖徒讃美歌、シオン讃美歌抜粋 (1948) 末日聖徒讃美歌 (1915) 末日聖徒讃美歌:The Songs of Zion (1915) 末日聖徒讃美歌:The Songs of Zion (1915) 末日聖徒讃美歌 (1907) 末日聖徒讃美歌:Psalmody of the Japan Mission (1905) 末日聖徒讃美歌:Psalmody of the Japan Mission (1905)

子供の歌集 (1997) 子供の歌 (1972) 子等は歌う (1953) 子供の歌 活動のうた

キャンプ手引き (1992) 心の歌 (1979) レクリエーション歌集 (1958) MIAの歌 (1951)

追加の子供の歌 (1989–Present) リアホナからの音楽 (–Present)