• Angels We Have Heard on High

    Words: French carol TEXT 203 (Les anges dans nos campagnes)

    Music: French carol TUNE 203 (Gloria)

    Matching title(s): Fanongoa Kau ʻĀngelo

    Matching first line(s): None

  • Be Thou Humble

    Words: Grietje Terburg Rowley TEXT 130

    Music: Grietje Terburg Rowley TUNE 130

    Matching title(s): Magmapainubsanon Ka

    Matching first line(s): None

  • Behold! A Royal Army

    Words: Fanny J. Crosby TEXT 251

    Music: Adam Geibel TUNE 251 (Royal Army)

    Matching title(s): Tan-awa ang Harianon nga Kasundaluhan

    Matching first line(s): None

  • Birthday Round

    Words: Anon. TEXT 3044 (Canon d’anniversaire)

    Music: Anon. TUNE 3044

    Matching title(s): Canon d’anniversaire

    Matching first line(s): Voici un voeu tout spécial

  • Called to Serve

    Words: Elsie Duncan Yale TEXT 249

    Music: Adam Geibel TUNE 249

    Matching title(s): Fanongo ko e ʻEiki ʻoku Ui / Fanongo, ko e ʻEikí ʻoku Ui

    Matching first line(s): None

  • Come, Listen to a Prophet’s Voice

    Words: Joseph S. Murdock; Bruce R. McConkie TEXT 21

    Music: Joseph J. Daynes TUNE 21 (Cannon)

    Matching title(s): Mou Omi ʻo Fanongoa

    Matching first line(s): None

  • Father, You Have Created Me

    Words: Anon. TEXT 2438 (Fader, du har skabt mig (Kanon))

    Music: Anon. TUNE 2438

    Matching title(s): Fader, du har skabt mig

    Matching first line(s): None

  • For Health and Strength

    Words: Anon. TEXT 343

    Music: Anon. TUNE 343

    Matching title(s): Canon de remerciement / Cânone de Ação de Graças / Dankkanon

    Matching first line(s): Por minha força e saú / Pour ce repas

  • I Need Thee Every Hour

    Words: Annie S. Hawks TEXT 98

    Music: Robert Lowry TUNE 98 (Need)

    Matching title(s): Kinahanglanon Ko

    Matching first line(s): None

  • I Think the World Is Glorious

    Words: Anna Johnson TEXT 517

    Music: Alexander Schreiner TUNE 517

    Matching title(s): Anong Luwalhati ng Ating Mundo

    Matching first line(s): None

  • I Think When I Read That Sweet Story

    Words: Jemima Luke TEXT 379

    Music: Leah Ashton Lloyd TUNE 379

    Matching title(s): Samtang nagbasa Anang Sugilanong Matahum / Sang Mabasa Ko Inang Sugilanon

    Matching first line(s): None

  • I’ll Follow Him in Faith

    Words: Janice Kapp Perry TEXT 1759

    Music: Janice Kapp Perry TUNE 1759

    Matching title(s): Matinud-anon ko’ng Mosunod Niya / Matinud-anon Kong Mosunod Kaniya

    Matching first line(s): None

  • Kindness Begins with Me

    Words: Clara W. McMaster TEXT 451

    Music: Clara W. McMaster TUNE 451

    Matching title(s): Jouj E Jinoi Ibba

    Matching first line(s): Ikōnan joij n̄ōn jabrewōt En̄in ej jimwe eo In kōmōnmōn ej banōn̄ iō Im naj emmān n̄ōn iō

  • Now Let Us Rejoice

    Words: William W. Phelps TEXT 3

    Music: Henry Tucker TUNE 3 (Lion of Judah / Phelps)

    Matching title(s): Jaanong A re Ipeleng

    Matching first line(s): None

  • Oh Say, What Is Truth?

    Words: John Jaques TEXT 272

    Music: Ellen Knowles Melling TUNE 272 (Jaques)

    Matching title(s): Maghambal, Ano’ng Kamatuoran?

    Matching first line(s): None

  • Oh, What Do You Do in the Summertime?

    Words: Dorothy S. Andersen TEXT 533

    Music: Dorothy S. Andersen TUNE 533

    Matching title(s): Anong Gagawin Mo sa Tag-araw?

    Matching first line(s): None

  • Onward, Christian Soldiers

    Words: Sabine Baring-Gould TEXT 246

    Music: Arthur S. Sullivan TUNE 246 (St. Gertrude)

    Matching title(s): Sulong, mga Kristohanong Kasundaluhan

    Matching first line(s): None

  • The Golden Plates

    Words: Rose Thomas Graham TEXT 403

    Music: J. Spencer Cornwall TUNE 403

    Matching title(s): Ang Bulawanon nga mga Palid

    Matching first line(s): None

  • True to the Faith

    Words: Evan Stephens TEXT 254

    Music: Evan Stephens TUNE 254 (Ann)

    Matching title(s): Matinud-anon sa Tinuohan

    Matching first line(s): None

  • We Listen to a Prophet’s Voice

    Words: Marylou Cunningham Leavitt TEXT 22

    Music: Darwin Wolford TUNE 22 (Bruce)

    Matching title(s): Fanongo ki he Palōfita

    Matching first line(s): None

  • With Humble Heart

    Words: Zara Sabin TEXT 171

    Music: Thomas L. Durham TUNE 171

    Matching title(s): Mapainubsanong mga Kasingkasing

    Matching first line(s): None

  • You’ve Had a Birthday

    Words: Barbara A. McConochie TEXT 575

    Music: Barbara A. McConochie TUNE 575

    Matching title(s): Geburtstagskanon

    Matching first line(s): None

  • MIA Rally Songs
    (We’ll give a cheer to MIA / We sing it very loud)
    Words: Anon.
    Music: W. D. Hendrickson / Anon.
    Medleyist: Anon.
  • Spanish Cavalier; Solomon Levi
    (The Spanish Cavalier / Solomon Levi)
    Words: W. D. Hendrickson / Anon.
    Music: W. D. Hendrickson / Anon.
    Medleyist: Anon.
  • Working on de Railroad (Medley)
    (Levee Song / Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah / Hear dem bells / Good-Night, Ladies / Merrily We Roll Along)
    Words: Anon. / D. S. McCosh / Edwin Pearce Christy
    Music: Anon. / J. H. Cave / D. S. McCosh / Edwin Pearce Christy / Lowell Mason
    Medleyist: Anon.

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