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Hymns and Songs for the Community: Level C (Community of Christ)

Hymns and Songs for the Community: Level C, Organ Arrangements

Miscellaneous (Other Restoration-Based Denominations), English.
Independence, Missouri, USA. Community of Christ.
2004. Only known edition. 55 songs.

Published by the Community of Christ (based in Independence, Missouri, previously the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), a Restoration-based denomination.



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8. Christ Leads!

Words: Brian Wren

Music: Thomas Brown

10. O Lord, Grace Our Communion

Words: Geoffrey F. Spencer

Music: Unknown

11. In God’s Most Holy Presence

Words: Ernest Dodgshun

Music: Alexander Ewing

12. All Things Bright and Beautiful

Words: Cecil Frances Alexander

Music: Unknown

13. With Happy Voices Ringing

Words: William G. Tarrant

Music: Johann Sebastian Bach

14. Let All the World in Every Corner Sing

Words: George Herbert

Music: Unknown

15. Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

Words: Robert Robinson

Music: Unknown

16. The Spirit of God Like a Fire Is Burning

Words: William W. Phelps

Music: Unknown

19. Great and Marvelous Are Thy Works

Words: Charles H. Gabriel

Music: Unknown

20. Now in This Moment

Words: Fanny J. Crosby; Barbara Howard; Richard Howard

Music: Unknown

22. Praise Him, Praise Him

Words: Fanny J. Crosby

Music: Chester G. Allen

24. For the Beauty of the Earth

Words: Folliott S. Pierpoint

Music: Unknown

25. Amazing Grace

Words: John Newton

Music: Unknown

26. A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

Trans.: Frederick H. Hedge (from German)

Adapt.: Alan Tyree

Words: Martin Luther

Music: Unknown

28. There’s an Old, Old Path

Words: Vida E. Smith

Music: Unknown

29. Teach Me, God, to Wonder

Words: Walter Farquharson

Music: Unknown

30. Lord, Lead Me by Your Spirit

Words: Eric L. Selden

Music: Unknown

32. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Trans.: John M. Neale (from Latin)

Words: Latin, 9th century

Music: Unknown

33. What Wondrous Love Is This

Words: Appalachian folk hymn; Alexander Means

Music: Unknown

34. We Would See Jesus

Words: J. Edgar Parks

Music: Herbert B. Turner

35. Jesus Loves the Little Children

Words: Anon.; Rosalee Elser

Music: Unknown

36. Joseph, Kind Joseph

Words: Naomi Russell

Music: Unknown

38. O Thou Joyful

Words: Johannes Daniel Falk; Johann C. Heinrich Holzschuher

Music: Unknown

39. O Come, All Ye Faithful

Trans.: Frederick Oakeley; Anon. (from Latin)

Words: Latin hymn, 18th century; John F. Wade

Music: Unknown

40. Once in Royal David’s City

Words: Cecil Frances Alexander

Music: Unknown

41. Sing Songs of Joy

Words: Pamela Robison

Music: Unknown

42. I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

Words: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Music: Unknown

43. Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming

Trans.: Theodore Baker; Harriet Krauth Spaeth (from German)

Words: German carol, 16th century

Music: Unknown

44. Lift Your Glad Voices

Words: Henry Ware Jr.

Music: Isaac B. Woodbury

46. Holy Spirit, Come with Power

Words: Ann Neufeld Rupp

Music: Unknown

47. Redeemer of Israel

Adapt.: William W. Phelps

Words: Joseph Swain

Music: Unknown

49. Here at Thy Table, Lord

Words: May P. Hoyt

Music: William F. Sherwin

51. Bear Each Other’s Burdens

Words: Barbara Howard

Music: Unknown

52. God Forgave My Sin in Jesus’ Name

Words: Carol Owens

Music: Unknown

54. O My People, Saith the Spirit

Words: Joseph Luff

Music: Unknown

56. Brothers and Sisters of Mine

Words: Kenneth I. Morse

Music: Unknown

57. The Voice of God Is Calling

Words: John Haynes Holmes

Music: George J. Webb

58. Yesu, Yesu, Fill Us with Your Love

Adapt.: Tom Colvin

Words: Tom Colvin

Music: Ghana folk song

59. Take My Live and Let It Be

Adapt.: Alice Edwards

Words: Frances R. Havergal

Music: Unknown

60. Send Me Forth, O Blessed Master

Words: Elisha Hoffman

Music: Elisha Hoffman

62. Beneath the Cross of Jesus

Words: Elizabeth C. Clephane

Music: Frederick C. Maker

63. Jesus’ Hands Were Kind Hands

Words: Margaret Cropper

Music: Traditional French carol

64. Open My Eyes, O Lord

Words: Roy A. Cheville

Music: Unknown

65. Unto God, Who Knows Our Every Weakness

Words: Albert McCullough

Music: Unknown

66. Sent Forth by God’s Blessing

Words: Omer Westendorf

Music: Unknown

69. With a Steadfast Faith

Words: L. Wayne Updike

Music: Unknown

70. Gather Us In

Words: Marty Haugen

Music: Marty Haugen

72. Bring Forth the Kingdom

Words: Marty Haugen

Music: Marty Haugen

75. Of All the Spirit’s Gifts to Me

Words: Fred Pratt Green

Music: Unknown

76. I Am Standing Waiting

Words: Shirley Erena Murray

Music: Traditional French melody

77. Go, My Children

Words: Jaroslav J. Vajda

Music: Unknown

79. Come, Holy Spirit, Come

Words: Vicky Vaughan Adkins

Music: Unknown

80. Humble Yourself

Words: Zambia

Music: Zambia

82. Lord, I Give You

Words: Randall Pratt

Music: Randall Pratt

84. Meet Me in a Holy Place

Words: Denise M. Barbour

Music: Unknown

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