Redeemer of Israel

The Evening and the Morning Star, None

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1. Redeemer of Israel,Our only delight,On whom for a blessing we call;Our shadow by day,And our pillar by night,Our king, our companion, our all.

2. We know he is comingTo gather his sheep,And plant them in Zion, in love,For why in the valleyOf death should they weep,Or alone in the wilderness rove?

3. How long we have wanderedAs strangers in sin,And cried in the desert for thee!Our foes have rejoic’dWhen our sorrows they’ve seen,But Israel will shortly be free.

4. As children of ZionGood tidings for us:The tokens already appear;Fear not and be just,For the Kingdom is ours,And the hour of Redemption is near.

5. The secret of Heaven,The myst’ry below,That many have sought for so long,We know that we know,For the spirit of Christ,Tells his servants they cannot be wrong.