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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is rolling out a new hymnal: Hymns—For Home and Church! Starting in May 2024, small batches of new songs will be released digitally. The full hymnal is expected to be ready for print in 2026, starting with English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, and 50 languages by 2030.

This is an unofficial dashboard with resources related to the new music. For official resources, see “News and Links” below

Hymns—For Home and Church

Links to new songs will be posted here as they become available on the Church website.

29 May 2024

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“Through music we raise our voices in powerful praise and prayer. … Worthy music is powerful. It has the power to make us humble, prayerful, and grateful.” – Russell M. Nelson

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For Music Coordinators

While Hymns—For Home and Church is being rolled out, members are encouraged to use the new music alongside the current Hymns (1985) and Children’s Songbook (1989).

Most of the resources on this page have to do with music in sacrament meeting. However, keep in mind that the new hymnal is subtitled “For Home and Church.” This continues the inspired emphasis that gospel learning and teaching is best when it’s home-centered and Church-supported. As a music coordinator, you might want to consider ways you can help members and leaders carry uplifting music with them throughout the week.

Study guides

  • Purposes of Sacred Music: Read and reflect on the purposes of sacred music. Open PDF
  • Hymn Study Guide: Study a hymn and ponder its message. Open PDF

Printable hymn board cards

Hymn board Hymn board Hymn board Hymn board

These cards include the letters “HC” (Hymns—For Home and Church) or “CS” (Children’s Songbook) to help members know which collection to use when looking up a song. There are also cards for the letters “a” and “b” and a music notes glyph (see “Extras”). The photos above show how these can be used.

When printing, be sure to print at 100% scale, and turn off “shrink to fit.” The printed cards should be about 3.5 inches (9 centimeters) tall.

Paper Size
US Letter
(8.5 × 11 in)
(21 × 29.7 cm)
English Open PDF Open PDF
Spanish Open PDF Open PDF
Portuguese Open PDF Open PDF
French Open PDF Open PDF
Paper Size
US Letter
(8.5 × 11 in)
(21 × 29.7 cm)
Extras Open PDF Open PDF

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