The Handcart Song

When pioneers moved to the West, With courage / Ye Saints who dwell on Europe’s shore, Prepare / When pioneers mov’d to the west, With courage strong / Ye Saints who dwell on Europe’s shore / When pioneers mov’d to the west

Original language: English

Words: John Daniel Thompson McAllister; Lucile C. Reading
Music: Scottish folk tune

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Appearances of this song over time in English

The Handcart Song

, Jan 2004

Arr.: Tammy Simister Robinson

The Handcart Song

, 220

The Handcart Song

, 18

The Handcart Song

, 14

The Handcart Song

, E-7

The Handcart Song

, 188

Handcart Song

, 278

Arr.: Frederick Beesley

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