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Hymns of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Hymns, English.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
1985. 2002, 3rd Edition (current). 341 songs.

Green cover with gold embossed lettering and a black silhouette of the Salt Lake Tabernacle organ.


This collection is available in the LDS Music app, in Gospel Library, and on the Church Music website.

Church Music website: Link.
Gospel Library Online: Link.

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Gospel Library app: Link.

Official recordings of songs in this collection are on the following albums:

  • Hymns: Instrumental Accompaniment (2001)
  • Hymns: Voices and Instrumental Accompaniment (2001)

Stream audio from LDS.org



  • Title Page — iii
  • Copyright — iv
  • Contents — vii
  • First Presidency Preface — ix
  • Using the Hymnbook — 379
  • Authors and Composers — 387
  • Titles, Tunes, and Meters — 392
  • Tune Names — 401
  • Meters — 405
  • Scriptures — 410
  • Topics — 415
  • First Lines and Titles — 429
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1. The Morning Breaks

Words: Parley P. Pratt

Music: George Careless

2. The Spirit of God

Words: William W. Phelps

Music: Anon.

3. Now Let Us Rejoice

Words: William W. Phelps

Music: Henry Tucker

4. Truth Eternal

Words: Parley P. Pratt

Music: Alexander Schreiner

5. High on the Mountain Top

Words: Joel H. Johnson

Music: Ebenezer Beesley

6. Redeemer of Israel

Adapt.: William W. Phelps

Words: Joseph Swain

Music: Freeman Lewis

7. Israel, Israel, God Is Calling

Words: Richard Smyth

Music: Charles C. Converse

8. Awake and Arise

Words: Theodore E. Curtis

Music: Carolee Curtis Green

9. Come, Rejoice

Words: Tracy Y. Cannon

Music: Tracy Y. Cannon

10. Come, Sing to the Lord

Words: Gerrit de Jong Jr.

Music: Gerrit de Jong Jr.

11. What Was Witnessed in the Heavens?

Words: John S. Davis

Music: Evan Stephens

12. ’Twas Witnessed in the Morning Sky

Adapt.: G. William Richards

Words: Anon.

Music: H. Walford Davies

13. An Angel from on High

Words: Parley P. Pratt

Music: John E. Tullidge

14. Sweet Is the Peace the Gospel Brings

Words: Mary Ann Morton

Music: Alfred M. Durham

15. I Saw a Mighty Angel Fly

Arr.: Ralph Vaughan Williams

Words: Anon.

Music: English melody

16. What Glorious Scenes Mine Eyes Behold

Words: Anon.

Music: Ebenezer Beesley

17. Awake, Ye Saints of God, Awake!

Words: Eliza R. Snow

Music: Evan Stephens

18. The Voice of God Again Is Heard

Words: Evan Stephens

Music: Evan Stephens

19. We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet

Words: William Fowler

Music: Caroline E. Sheridan Norton

20. God of Power, God of Right

Words: Wallace F. Bennett

Music: Tracy Y. Cannon

21. Come, Listen to a Prophet’s Voice

Words: Joseph S. Murdock; Bruce R. McConkie

Music: Joseph J. Daynes

22. We Listen to a Prophet’s Voice

Words: Marylou Cunningham Leavitt

Music: Darwin Wolford

23. We Ever Pray for Thee

Adapt.: Evan Stephens

Words: Evan Stephens

Music: Henry A. Tuckett

24. God Bless Our Prophet Dear

Words: Bernard Snow

Music: Harry A. Dean

25. Now We’ll Sing with One Accord

Words: William W. Phelps

Music: Joseph J. Daynes

26. Joseph Smith’s First Prayer

Adapt.: A. C. Smyth

Words: George Manwaring

Music: Sylvanus Billings Pond

27. Praise to the Man

Words: William W. Phelps

Music: Scottish folk song

28. Saints, Behold How Great Jehovah

Words: Douglas W. Stott

Music: A. Laurence Lyon

29. A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief

Words: James Montgomery

Music: George Coles

30. Come, Come, Ye Saints

Words: William Clayton

Music: English folk song

31. O God, Our Help in Ages Past

Words: Isaac Watts

Music: William Croft

32. The Happy Day at Last Has Come

Words: Philo Dibble

Music: Ebenezer Beesley

33. Our Mountain Home So Dear

Words: Emmeline B. Wells

Music: Evan Stephens

34. O Ye Mountains High

Words: Charles W. Penrose

Music: Henry S. Thompson

35. For the Strength of the Hills

Adapt.: Edward L. Sloan

Words: Felicia D. Hemans

Music: Evan Stephens

36. They, the Builders of the Nation

Words: Ida Romney Alldredge

Music: Alfred M. Durham

37. The Wintry Day, Descending to Its Close

Words: Orson F. Whitney

Music: Edward P. Kimball

38. Come, All Ye Saints of Zion

Words: William W. Phelps

Music: John E. Tullidge

39. O Saints of Zion

Words: Ed M. Rowe

Music: Robert P. Manookin

40. Arise, O Glorious Zion

Words: William G. Mills

Music: George Careless

41. Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise

Words: Edward Partridge

Music: Anon.

42. Hail to the Brightness of Zion’s Glad Morning!

Words: Thomas Hastings

Music: Edwin F. Parry

43. Zion Stands with Hills Surrounded

Words: Thomas Kelly

Music: A. C. Smyth

44. Beautiful Zion, Built Above

Words: George Gill

Music: Joseph G. Fones

45. Lead Me into Life Eternal

Words: John A. Widtsoe

Music: Alexander Schreiner

46. Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken

Words: John Newton

Music: Franz Joseph Haydn

47. We Will Sing of Zion

Words: Merrill Bradshaw

Music: Merrill Bradshaw

48. Glorious Things Are Sung of Zion

Words: William W. Phelps

Music: Dutch melody

49. Adam-ondi-Ahman

Words: William W. Phelps

Music: Anon.

50. Come, Thou Glorious Day of Promise

Words: Pratt’s Collection

Music: A. C. Smyth

51. Sons of Michael, He Approaches

Words: Elias L. T. Harrison

Music: Darwin Wolford

52. The Day Dawn Is Breaking

Words: Joseph L. Townsend

Music: William Clayson

53. Let Earth’s Inhabitants Rejoice

Words: William Clegg

Music: Leroy J. Robertson

54. Behold, the Mountain of the Lord

Words: Michael Bruce

Music: Leland B. Sateren

55. Lo, the Mighty God Appearing!

Words: William Goode

Music: Evan Stephens

56. Softly Beams the Sacred Dawning

Words: John Jaques

Music: J. Spencer Cornwall

57. We’re Not Ashamed to Own Our Lord

Words: William W. Phelps

Music: John Longhurst

58. Come, Ye Children of the Lord

Arr.: Benjamin Carr

Words: James H. Wallis

Music: Spanish melody

59. Come, O Thou King of Kings

Words: Parley P. Pratt

Music: Anon.

60. Battle Hymn of the Republic

Words: Julia Ward Howe

Music: Anon.

61. Raise Your Voices to the Lord

Words: Evan Stephens

Music: Evan Stephens

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62. All Creatures of Our God and King

Trans.: William H. Draper

Arr.: Ralph Vaughan Williams

Words: St. Francis of Assisi; William H. Draper

Music: German hymn

63. Great King of Heaven

Words: Carrie Stockdale Thomas

Music: Leroy J. Robertson

64. On This Day of Joy and Gladness

Words: Leroy J. Robertson

Music: Leroy J. Robertson

65. Come, All Ye Saints Who Dwell on Earth

Words: William W. Phelps

Music: William B. Bradbury

66. Rejoice, the Lord Is King!

Words: Charles Wesley

Music: Horatio Parker

67. Glory to God on High

Words: James Allen

Music: Felice de Giardini

68. A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

Words: Martin Luther

Music: Martin Luther

69. All Glory, Laud, and Honor

Words: Theodulph of Orleans

Music: Melchior Teschner

70. Sing Praise to Him

Trans.: Frances Elizabeth Cox (from German)

Words: Johann J. Schütz

Music: Bohemian Brethren’s Songbook

71. With Songs of Praise

Words: Penelope Moody Allen

Music: Newel Kay Brown

72. Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

Trans.: Catherine Winkworth (from German)

Arr.: William S. Bennett; Otto Goldschmidt

Words: Joachim Neander

Music: Stralsund Gesangbuch

73. Praise the Lord with Heart and Voice

Words: Tracy Y. Cannon

Music: Tracy Y. Cannon

74. Praise Ye the Lord

Words: Isaac Watts

Music: Evan Stephens

75. In Hymns of Praise

Words: Ada Blenkhorn

Music: Alfred Beirly

76. God of Our Fathers, We Come unto Thee

Words: Charles W. Penrose

Music: Ebenezer Beesley

77. Great Is the Lord

Words: Eliza R. Snow

Music: Ebenezer Beesley

78. God of Our Fathers, Whose Almighty Hand

Words: Daniel C. Roberts

Music: George W. Warren

79. With All the Power of Heart and Tongue

Words: Isaac Watts

Music: Lowell M. Durham

80. God of Our Fathers, Known of Old

Words: Rudyard Kipling

Music: Leroy J. Robertson

81. Press Forward, Saints

Words: Marvin K. Gardner

Music: Vanja Y. Watkins

82. For All the Saints

Words: William Walsham How

Music: Ralph Vaughan Williams

83. Guide Us, O Thou Great Jehovah

Trans.: Peter Williams; William Williams (from Welsh)

Words: William Williams

Music: John Hughes

84. Faith of Our Fathers

Words: Frederick W. Faber

Music: Henri F. Hemy; James G. Walton

85. How Firm a Foundation

Words: Anon.; Robert Keen

Music: Anon.; J. Ellis

86. How Great Thou Art

Trans.: Stuart K. Hine (from Swedish)

Arr.: Stuart K. Hine

Words: Carl Boberg; Stuart K. Hine

Music: Tradititonal Swedish folk tune

87. God Is Love

Words: Thomas R. Taylor

Music: Thomas C. Griggs

88. Great God, Attend While Zion Sings

Words: Isaac Watts

Music: Joseph J. Daynes

89. The Lord Is My Light

Words: James Nicholson

Music: John R. Sweney

90. From All That Dwell below the Skies

Words: Isaac Watts

Music: John Hatton

91. Father, Thy Children to Thee Now Raise

Words: Evan Stephens

Music: Evan Stephens

92. For the Beauty of the Earth

Words: Folliott S. Pierpoint

Music: Conrad Kocher

93. Prayer of Thanksgiving

Trans.: Theodore Baker (from Dutch)

Arr.: Edward Kremser

Words: Anon.; Adriaen Valerius

Music: Dutch folk song; Frans Heijdemann

94. Come, Ye Thankful People

Words: Henry Alford

Music: George J. Elvey

95. Now Thank We All Our God

Trans.: Catherine Winkworth (from German)

Words: Martin Rinkhart

Music: Johann Crüger

96. Dearest Children, God Is Near You

Words: Charles L. Walker

Music: John Menzies Macfarlane

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97. Lead, Kindly Light

Words: John Henry Newman

Music: John B. Dykes

98. I Need Thee Every Hour

Words: Annie S. Hawks

Music: Robert Lowry

99. Nearer, Dear Savior, to Thee

Words: Joseph L. Townsend

Music: William Clayson

100. Nearer, My God, to Thee

Words: Sarah F. Adams

Music: Lowell Mason

101. Guide Me to Thee

Words: Orson Pratt Huish

Music: Orson Pratt Huish

102. Jesus, Lover of My Soul

Words: Charles Wesley

Music: Joseph P. Holbrook

103. Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer

Words: H. R. Palmer

Music: H. R. Palmer

104. Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me

Words: Edward Hopper

Music: John Edgar Gould

105. Master, the Tempest Is Raging

Words: Mary Ann Baker

Music: H. R. Palmer

106. God Speed the Right

Words: William E. Hickson

Music: Ernst Moritz Arndt

107. Lord, Accept Our True Devotion

Words: Richard Alldridge

Music: Joseph J. Daynes

108. The Lord Is My Shepherd

Words: James Montgomery

Music: Thomas Koschat

109. The Lord My Pasture Will Prepare

Words: Joseph Addison

Music: Dmitri Bortniansky

110. Cast Thy Burden upon the Lord

Words: Julius Schubring

Music: Felix Mendelssohn

111. Rock of Ages

Words: Augustus M. Toplady

Music: Thomas Hastings

112. Savior, Redeemer of My Soul

Words: Orson F. Whitney

Music: Harry A. Dean

113. Our Savior’s Love

Words: Edward L. Hart

Music: Crawford Gates

114. Come unto Him

Words: Theodore E. Curtis

Music: Hugh W. Dougall

115. Come, Ye Disconsolate

Words: Thomas Moore; Thomas Hastings

Music: Samuel Webbe

116. Come, Follow Me

Words: John Nicholson

Music: Samuel McBurney

117. Come unto Jesus

Words: Orson Pratt Huish

Music: Orson Pratt Huish

118. Ye Simple Souls Who Stray

Words: Charles Wesley

Music: Evan Stephens

119. Come, We That Love the Lord

Words: Isaac Watts

Music: Aaron Williams

120. Lean on My Ample Arm

Words: Theodore E. Curtis

Music: Evan Stephens

121. I’m a Pilgrim, I’m a Stranger

Words: Hans Henry Petersen

Music: Leroy J. Robertson

122. Though Deepening Trials

Words: Eliza R. Snow

Music: George Careless

123. Oh, May My Soul Commune with Thee

Words: Lorin F. Wheelwright

Music: Lorin F. Wheelwright

124. Be Still, My Soul

Trans.: Jane L. Borthwick (from German)

Words: Katharina von Schlegel

Music: Jean Sibelius

125. How Gentle God’s Commands

Arr.: Lowell Mason

Words: Philip Doddridge

Music: Hans Georg Nägeli

126. How Long, O Lord Most Holy and True

Words: John A. Widtsoe

Music: B. Cecil Gates

127. Does the Journey Seem Long?

Words: Joseph Fielding Smith

Music: George D. Pyper

128. When Faith Endures

Words: Naomi W. Randall

Music: Stephen M. Jones

129. Where Can I Turn for Peace?

Words: Emma Lou Thayne

Music: Joleen G. Meredith

130. Be Thou Humble

Words: Grietje Terburg Rowley

Music: Grietje Terburg Rowley

131. More Holiness Give Me

Words: Philip Paul Bliss

Music: Philip Paul Bliss

132. God Is in His Holy Temple

Words: Anon.

Music: Frank W. Asper

133. Father in Heaven

Arr.: Edwin P. Parker

Words: Angus S. Hibbard

Music: Friedrich F. Flemming

134. I Believe in Christ

Words: Bruce R. McConkie

Music: John Longhurst

135. My Redeemer Lives

Words: Gordon B. Hinckley

Music: G. Homer Durham

136. I Know That My Redeemer Lives

Words: Samuel Medley

Music: Lewis D. Edwards

137. Testimony

Words: Loren C. Dunn

Music: Michael F. Moody

138. Bless Our Fast, We Pray

Words: John Sears Tanner

Music: James B. Welch

139. In Fasting We Approach Thee

Words: Paul L. Anderson

Music: Clay Christiansen