I’m grateful for the many people who have helped me in my research – answering questions, typing song titles in other languages, providing cross-reference information, allowing access to physical books, providing online resources, participating in surveys, reporting errors, and providing general encouragement – among whom are:

Foreign-language hymnbooks: Alex Doxey (Russian); Anna Peterson (Swedish); Brett Hill (Russian); Brian Wood (Chuukese); Cameron Hilker (Japanese); Collins Carrington (Maltese); Colter Anderson (German); Curtis Felt (German, via Nate Blaylock); Daniel Avery (Bulgarian); David Hosmer (Russian); David Sabey (Italian); David Waterbury (Japanese); Elizabeth Vakalala (Fijian); Frédéric Sorhaitz (French); Grant Vaughn (Welsh); Heather Stinson (Japanese); James Miller (Ukrainian); Jaron Nelson (Vietnamese); Jeremy Jex (Dutch); Joan Sowards (Thai); Joe Rigby (Korean); John Linn (Finnish); John Wilcox (Russian, via Nate Blaylock); Joseph Atmajaya (Indonesian); Joshua McGlothin (Albanian); Katie Shaw (Finnish); Kiri Pugmire (Japanese); Kirsa Merrell (Romanian); Kyle Murray (Hungarian); Lisa Callister (Russian); Marco Mora (Marshallese); Michael Peck (Kekchi); Nate Blaylock (German, Japanese, Russian); Noodchanadaa Seangsuwan (Thai); Orraphan Piakpia (Thai); Paul Boshard (German); Robert Allen (Georgian); Saira Aslam (Urdu); Sarah Bowthorpe (Tagalog); Sarah Peterson (Estonian); Sylvia Contesse (French); Tanya Kawasaki (Lao); Thomas Bradshaw (Romanized Mandarin); Thongchanh (John) Tanh (Lao); Xane Beckstead (Spanish); Zara Manukyan (Armenian).

Miscellaneous other hymnbooks and collections: Brett Nelson (various); Bruce Forbes (various); David Bolton (Community of Christ); Izabela Geambasu (FSY music); Jeffrey M. Bradshaw (various); Katie Bastian (general conference music); Kenneth Cope (EFY music); Loraine Peterson (Relief Society and Primary songs); Michael Hicks (various); Michael Young (general conference music); Mindy Jeppesen (Hymns: Simplified Accompaniments, via Nate Blaylock); Myrna Layton (various); Paul Ludy (Restoration hymns); Robert Moorefield (EFY music); Thomas Bradshaw (Restoration hymns).

Music resources: Norman Schmidt (hymns in ABC notation); Joey Stanley (survey data); Kjerste Christensen (survey data); various survey respondents.

Technical resources and support: Robert Bradshaw; Thomas Bradshaw.

Organizations and businesses: BYU Harold B. Lee Library (Myrna Layton, Abigail Maccabee, Abigail Welling, Candice Taylor); BYU Special Collections; Church History Library (including the online Church History Catalog); BYU Multi-Stake Music Library (Tanner Building); various stake closets; BYU Store (access to books on shelves); Deseret Book (access to books on shelves); Provo MTC Teaching Resource Center (Thea Hansen, access to foreign-language books); Church missionaries and employees (including Lynda Benson, Diane Bastian, Katie Bastian, Ed Krenicky, Audrey Livingston, and Adam Millett); Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square; BYU Print and Mail (cross-reference chart for Russian/Ukrainian); Hymnary; Pioneer Book (Provo, Utah); Confetti Books (Spanish Fork, Utah); Eborn Books (Provo, Utah); Benchmark Books (Salt Lake City, Utah); The Book Garden (Bountiful, Utah);; Ebay;; Google Books; YouTube.

Software libraries: PDF.js (PDF rendering, Apache License 2.0); Verovio (dynamic sheet music, LGPL-v3 license); WebAudioFont (forked) (MIDI playback, MIT license); abcjs (tune excerpt rendering, MIT license).