Privacy Policy

This page explains what data collects from users, and how that data is used. By using, you agree that we may use anonymous information and cookies as described below. If you choose to sign into as a registered user, you also agree to our collection and use of personal information as described below.

Anonymous information uses Google Analytics to track usage trends. This allows us to get an idea of how many users visit the site, how users get to the site (for example, via search), and where users come from (browser, country, etc.). Information gathered for analytics is aggregrated such that individual users are anonymous. Based on this information, can be improved, to make sure that the most relevant content becomes easier to find.

Profile information

Some features on are only available to registered users. When a user signs in to for the first time, they become a registered user. uses Google Sign-In, which allows users to sign in using their Google Account. When a user signs in, Google does not share the user’s password with, but it does share basic profile information. This is the information that stores for each registered user:

  • Preferred name – This is pulled from a user’s Google profile the first time they sign in. A user can change their preferred name at any time on their account page. The preferred name is displayed to the user on the site, and may be used when contacting the user by email (see below).
  • Email address – This is pulled from a user’s Google profile the first time they sign in. A user may provide an alternate preferred email address, if it is different from the email address on their Google profile. may contact a user by email for important account notifications. A user may indicate on their account page whether may contact them for other purposes related to the mission of
  • Country (optional) – A user may choose to provide the country where they live on their account page.
  • State or Province (optional) – A user may choose to provide the state or province where they live on their account page.

Personal profile information is only stored for registered users, and is not sold or shared with anyone except those who support and maintain, except in cases where the user gives permission for specific information to be shared. A user may delete their account from their account page. Deleting an account signs out the user, disconnects from the user’s Google profile, removes personal information from the database, and stages user-created content for deletion.

User-created content

  • Booklists, playlists, or other content created by a user at while signed in.

When a registered user deletes their account, their content is marked as inactive and staged for deletion. A user who deletes their account may contact us by email if they would like their created content to be deleted immediately. A user may also contact us by email to recover content that was previously associated with their account, but depending on the length of time, recovery may or may not be possible. may analyze booklists, playlists, and other content created by users on the site, for research and statistical purposes that support the mission of may contact users about the content associated with their account, for research and statistical purposes.

Content contributed to in a volunteer effort (for example, tags added to songs) is considered the property of, and is not deleted when a user deletes their account.


Cookies are small pieces of data from a website that a web browser stores, so that the website can refer back to them the next time the user visits the site. stores the following types of cookies:

  • User settings cookies – Some pages on allow a user to set view options, switch their preferred audio type, etc. These settings are stored as cookies.
  • Session cookies – Session cookies allows a user to stay signed in at until they sign out or close the browser, or their session otherwise expires.
  • Google Analytics cookies – Google Analytics uses cookies to function properly. More information about how Google Analytics data is used can be found above.