Hill Cumorah Pageant

Hill Cumorah Pageant: America’s Witness for Christ

Music from Church Pageants, English.
Palmyra, New York, USA.
Published year unknown. 13 songs.

Script updated in 1988.


Online: www.hillcumorah.org.

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1. Cumorah Processional (Prelude no. 1 )

2. Herald Trumpeters (Prelude no. 2)

3. The Prophet Lehi (Story no. 1)

4. The Visions of Christ (Story no. 2)

5. The Building of a Ship (Story no. 3)

6. The Voyage to Ancient America (Story no. 4)

7. The Burning of Abinadi (Story no. 5)

8. The Ministry of Alma (Story no. 6)

9. The Prophecy: A Day, a Night, and a Day (Story no. 7)

10. The Resurrected Christ Appears in Ancient America (Story no. 8)

11. The Written Word: A Golden Message (Story no. 9)

12. The Restoration of Christ’s Kingdom (Story no. 10)

13. Postlude

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