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Sing a New Song (Doty) (RLDS)

Sing a New Song: Songs of Witness and Worship

Miscellaneous (Other Restoration-Based Denominations), English.
Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Harry L. Doty.
1975. Only known edition. 31 songs.

Book © 1975 Harry L. Doty.

Published for the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (now Community of Christ), a Restoration-based denomination.


Historical. This collection is out of print.


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1. Ring out the bells!

2. With joy we come to worship

3. We come to you, our Father

4. Revive your church, O God

5. We come here, Lord

6. God send us Saints

7. Come, ye people of the covenant

8. I come, O Lord, in this great hour

9. Create in me, O Lord

10. We’ve a friend, his name is Jesus

11. In God alone

12. Saints of the church arise

13. Help us, Lord, to love

14. Fill my cup, Lord

15. O my brother

16. Our eyes have seen

17. I will be a witness

18. The field is white to harvest

19. Where persons live in loneliness

19a. We praise our God for love and care

20. I love to share the story

21. Speak forth God’s praise

22. O for an ever growing faith

23. Come unto Christ

24. O man in all your strength arise

25. O my people, speaks the Spirit

Adapt.: Harry L. Doty

Words: Joseph Luff

Music: N/A

26. New life in Christ

27. We will share the truths of Zion

28. Zion comes near

29. Out of God’s Zion

30. Now that I’ve been given new life

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