YLMIA Song Book, Volume 2

Miscellaneous (Youth), English.
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Young Ladies’ Mutual Improvement Association.
1924 Edition (last known). 23 songs.


Historical. This collection is out of print.


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1. Absent Loved Ones

3. Make the Home Beautiful

6a. Love, Fond Love

6b. A Sunrise Song

6c. A Mother’s Lullabye

8. My Soldier Boy

10. Shadows and Light

11. Let Youth Sing Out

13. Light and Truth

15. My Valley Home

17. Beyond the Veil

20. Reverie

23. Let Us Clamber

26. Peace

29. In the Ranks of the M. I. A.

30. Peace on Earth

33. Harsh Words

35. Home and Friends

37. Forever Mine

39. Twilight Longing

42. Seek We Knowledge

43. Ring, Ring the Bells

45. Never Despair, Dear Heart

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