Music from the Liahona (1967–Present)

Music from the Liahona, the Church’s international magazine (first published in English in 1977 as the Tambuli). Several non-English magazines that started at various times have been consolidated into the unified Liahona.

Music from the Liahona (English) (1963–Present) – English Music from the Liahona (English) (1963–Present) Liahona (Albanian) (1999–Present) – Albanian Liahona (Albanian) (1999–Present) Լիահոնա (Armenian) (2000–Present) – Eastern Armenian Լիահոնա (Armenian) (2000–Present) Liahona (Bislama) (2007–Present) – Bislama Liahona (Bislama) (2007–Present) Лиахона (Bulgarian) (1994–Present) – Bulgarian Лиахона (Bulgarian) (1994–Present) Liahona (Cebuano) (1998–Present) – Cebuano Liahona (Cebuano) (1998–Present) 利阿贺拿 (Chinese Simplified) (2012–Present) – Simplified Chinese 利阿贺拿 (Chinese Simplified) (2012–Present) 利阿賀拿 (Chinese Traditional) (1959–Present) – Traditional Chinese 利阿賀拿 (Chinese Traditional) (1959–Present) Lijahona (Croatian) (2002–Present) – Croatian Lijahona (Croatian) (2002–Present) Liahona (Czech) (1993–Present) – Czech Liahona (Czech) (1993–Present) Liahona (Danish) (1851–Present) – Danish Liahona (Danish) (1851–Present) Liahona (Dutch) (1896–Present) – Dutch Liahona (Dutch) (1896–Present) Liahoona (Estonian) (1999–Present) – Estonian Liahoona (Estonian) (1999–Present) Liaona (Fijian) (1998–Present) – Fijian Liaona (Fijian) (1998–Present) Liahona (Finnish) (1948–Present) – Finnish Liahona (Finnish) (1948–Present) Le Liahona (French) (1851–Present) – French Le Liahona (French) (1851–Present) Liahona (German) (1851–Present) – German Liahona (German) (1851–Present) Λιαχόνα (Greek) (2005–Present) – Greek Λιαχόνα (Greek) (2005–Present) Lyawona (Haitian Creole) (1999–2009) – Haitian Creole Lyawona (Haitian Creole) (1999–2009) Liahona (Hiligaynon) (2000–2003) – Hiligaynon Liahona (Hiligaynon) (2000–2003) लियाहोन (Hindi) (2005–2009) – Hindi लियाहोन (Hindi) (2005–2009) Liahóna (Hungarian) (1993–Present) – Hungarian Liahóna (Hungarian) (1993–Present) Líahóna (Icelandic) (1986–Present) – Icelandic Líahóna (Icelandic) (1986–Present) Liahona (Ilokano) (2000–2003) – Ilokano Liahona (Ilokano) (2000–2003) Liahona (Indonesian) (1987–Present) – Indonesian Liahona (Indonesian) (1987–Present) Liahona (Italian) (1968–Present) – Italian Liahona (Italian) (1968–Present) リアホナ (Japanese) (1957–Present) – Hiragana Japanese リアホナ (Japanese) (1957–Present) លីអាហូណា (Cambodian) (2002–Present) – Khmer (Cambodian) លីអាហូណា (Cambodian) (2002–Present) Riaona (Kiribati) (1998–Present) – Kiribati (Gilbertese) Riaona (Kiribati) (1998–Present) 리아호나 (Korean) (1964–Present) – Korean 리아호나 (Korean) (1964–Present) Liahona (Latvian) (1999–Present) – Latvian Liahona (Latvian) (1999–Present) Liahona (Lithuanian) (1999–Present) – Lithuanian Liahona (Lithuanian) (1999–Present) Liahona (Malagasy) (2000–Present) – Malagasy Liahona (Malagasy) (2000–Present) Liaona (Marshallese) (2001–Present) – Marshallese Liaona (Marshallese) (2001–Present) Лиахона (Mongolian) (2000–Present) – Mongolian Лиахона (Mongolian) (2000–Present) Liahona (Norwegian) (1937–Present) – Norwegian Liahona (Norwegian) (1937–Present) Liahona (Polish) (1998–Present) – Polish Liahona (Polish) (1998–Present) A Liahona (Portuguese) (1948–Present) – Portuguese A Liahona (Portuguese) (1948–Present) Liahona (Romanian) (1998–Present) – Romanian Liahona (Romanian) (1998–Present) Лиахона (Russian) (1993–Present) – Russian Лиахона (Russian) (1993–Present) O Le Liahona (Samoan) (1968–Present) – Samoan O Le Liahona (Samoan) (1968–Present) ලියහෝනාව (Sinhala) (2003–2009) – Sinhala ලියහෝනාව (Sinhala) (2003–2009) Liahona (Slovenian) (2001–Present) – Slovenian Liahona (Slovenian) (2001–Present) Liahona (Spanish) (1937–Present) – Spanish Liahona (Spanish) (1937–Present) Liahona (Swahili) (2013–Present) – Swahili Liahona (Swahili) (2013–Present) Liahona (Swedish) (1877–Present) – Swedish Liahona (Swedish) (1877–Present) Liahona (Tagalog) (1998–Present) – Tagalog Liahona (Tagalog) (1998–Present) Liahona (Tahitian) (1907–Present) – Tahitian Liahona (Tahitian) (1907–Present) லியஹோனா (Tamil) (2002–2009) – Tamil லியஹோனா (Tamil) (2002–2009) లియహోనా (Telugu) (2002–2009) – Telugu లియహోనా (Telugu) (2002–2009) เลียโฮนา (Thai) (1984–Present) – Thai เลียโฮนา (Thai) (1984–Present) Liahona (Tongan) (1954–Present) – Tongan Liahona (Tongan) (1954–Present) Ліягона (Ukrainian) (1998–Present) – Ukrainian Ліягона (Ukrainian) (1998–Present) لیحونا (Urdu) (2005–Present) – Urdu لیحونا (Urdu) (2005–Present) Liahona (Vietnamese) (1998–Present) – Vietnamese Liahona (Vietnamese) (1998–Present) Liahona (Waray) – Waray Liahona (Waray)