LDS Music Index

This is a public database of information about LDS music and musicians.

The term "LDS music" refers to uplifting music published or performed by LDS artists. In an effort to focus the scope of the database, I am only including LDS artists who have published any religiously-themed tracks or albums.

How Can I Contribute?

There are currently 4004 tracks and 66475 hymns (3143 unique songs) in the database, forming part of 422 albums and 1727 hymnbooks. Hopefully there will be an easier way for anyone to contribute soon, but up to this point I have entered everything in by hand. Feel free to email me at!

Also, if you find the information here to be useful and are able to contribute financially, I appreciate any donations using the button at the bottom of this page! I have spent literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of hours working on this project and it's something I believe can really make a difference.

Under Construction Status

This web site is a work in progress. Here are some things I'm working on:

  1. Simplify "Songs and Tracks" index.
  2. Simplify "Free Stuff" page.
  3. Clean up the Artists and Composers indexes.
  4. Make the Foreign Languages section work.
  5. Songs Index: Tracks without artists don't show up.
  6. Create links between related songs and medleys.
  7. Create links between related albums (e.g. same album in different languages).
  8. Clean up CSS and HTML background code.
  9. Input more albums and free stuff.
  10. Contact artists directly.
  11. Form so anyone can safely submit album and track information.
  12. Better database search.
  13. Speed up page load times.
  14. "Where to buy" links

Legal Information

The LDS Music Index is primarily an information source, rather than a download source. But we hope you will enjoy looking through the Free Stuff section for links to pages where you can download free LDS music.

In respecting the law and the musicians, content such as audio tracks, written lyrics, and high-quality artwork or photos can only be put online with permission from the copyright holder. I do not knowingly link to or host illegal content.

Also, this web site is not officially affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We invite those seeking to learn more about the church to visit or