Our Hearts Are Turning

Author: Jeffrey M. Bradshaw; Samuel H. Bradshaw
Composer: Unknown

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Our Hearts Are Turning

SingPraises.net Collection, Jun 2019

Arranger: Arthur Somervell

1. Our hearts are turning to our loved ones Who have left this life forlorn, For to receive the Father’s fulness Ev’ry soul must be reborn. Else when they rise, what shall they do? They must depend on me and you To them baptize and realize The rites that make all old things new.

2. Taught by an angel, father Adam Learned to call upon the Son. Our mother Eve was also gladdened And proclaimed the Holy One. Each like our parents must be saved To rise in glory from the grave— To see God’s face, to him embrace In likeness of his blessèd Son.

3. Having foreseen a great confusion, God restored a pow’r divine— A pow’r to banish all illusion And accomplish his design. The aching wounds of souls to stanch; Unending joy for root and branch! A pow’r to heal us and to seal us Into one eternal whole.

4. Shall not we labor with rejoicing Till God’s glory fills the earth? With anthems loud of praise, still voicing Richest blessings of rebirth. Let each of us now do our part To lift each soul and weld each heart! House of the Lord, thy peace afford; In thee we’ll dwell forevermore.