Father in Heaven, We Do Believe

Author: Parley P. Pratt
Composer: Varies by tune (see below)

Languages (22)

This song text has been indexed at SingPraises.net in the following languages:

  • Albanian: O At’ në Qiell, Ne e Besojm’
  • Cebuano: Amahan sa Langit, Kami Mituo
  • Czech: My, Otče v nebi, věříme
  • English Braille: ⠠⠋⠁⠮⠗ ⠔ ⠠⠓⠑⠁⠧⠢⠂ ⠠⠺⠑ ⠠⠙⠕ ⠠⠃⠑⠇⠊⠑⠧⠑
  • Estonian: Isa taevas, me usume
  • Fijian: I Tamaqu Au Sa Kila
  • French: Dieu, notre Père, nous savons
  • French (French Polynesia): E te Atua, Ua Tiaturi Matou Nei
  • Japanese: 天父よ
  • Kekchi: At qaYuwaʼ, chi yaal xqapaabʼ
  • Khmer (Cambodian): ព្រះ​បិតា​សួគ៌ ​យើង​​ជឿ​ដ៏​ពិត
  • Korean: 하늘에 계신 아버지
  • Polish: Ojcze Niebieski, wiemy
  • Portuguese: Acreditamos, nosso Pai
  • Russian: Отче Всевышний, веруем
  • Spanish: Himno Bautismal
  • Tagalog: Ama, Kami’y Nananalig
  • Tahitian: E te Atua, Ua Tiaturi Matou Nei
  • Tongan: ʻE Tamai ʻoku mau tui
  • Ukrainian: Вірою ми сприймаємо
  • Vietnamese: Cha Thiên Thượng Chúng Con Tin


Most common tunes for “Father in Heaven, We Do Believe”

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Appearances of “Father in Heaven, We Do Believe” over time

This timeline shows which tunes have been used with this text over time, in hymnbooks and other collections published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Representative lyrics

English (Original Language)

1. Father in Heav’n, we do believe The promise thou hast made; Thy word with meekness we receive, Just as thy Saints have said.

2. We now repent of all our sin And come with broken heart, And to thy covenant enter in And choose the better part.

3. O Lord, accept us while we pray, And all our sins forgive; New life impart to us this day, And bid the sinners live.

4. Humbly we take the sacrament In Jesus’ blessed name; Let us receive thru covenant The Spirit’s heav’nly flame.

5. We will be buried in the stream In Jesus’ blessed name, And rise, while light shall on us beam The Spirit’s heav’nly flame.

6. Baptize us with the Holy Ghost And seal us as thine own, That we may join the ransomed host And with the Saints be one.


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