Know This, That Every Soul Is Free

Author: Anon.; Sally Swey
Composer: Varies by tune (see below)

Languages (28)

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  • Albanian: Të Dish K’të, Çdo Shpirt Ësht’ i Lir’
  • Cebuano: Hibaloi, Nga ang Kalag May Kagawasan
  • Croatian: Sloboda duše svake
  • Czech: Věz, každá duše volnost má
  • Danish: Glem ej, at hver og en har ret
  • Dutch: O weet, dat elke ziel is vrij
  • English Braille: ⠠⠅⠝⠪ ⠠⠹⠊⠎⠂ ⠠⠹⠁⠞ ⠠⠑⠧⠻⠽ ⠠⠎⠳⠇ ⠠⠊⠎ ⠠⠋⠗⠑⠑
  • Finnish: On sielu vapaa jokaisen
  • French: Sachez que chacun peut choisir
  • French (French Polynesia): Ua Tiamâ te Taata
  • German: O wisse, jede Seel ist frei
  • Greek: Κάθε ψυχή είν’ λεύτερη
  • Hungarian: Értsd meg, szabad a választás
  • Kekchi: Chanaw naq wan xwankil aawaam
  • Khmer (Cambodian): ចូរដឹងថាគ្រប់គ្នាមានសេរី
  • Korean: 인간이 선택의지로
  • Latvian: Dievs brīvus mūs ir radījis
  • Norwegian: Til alle har vår Herre gitt
  • Polish: Pamiętaj, dusza wolna jest
  • Portuguese: A Alma É Livre
  • Spanish: Sabed Que el Hombre Libre Está
  • Swahili: Tuko Huru Kuchagua
  • Swedish: Sin egen vilja har var själ
  • Tahitian: Ua Tiamâ te Taata
  • Tongan: Tauʻataina ke fili
  • Ukrainian: Свободу волі мають всі
  • Vietnamese: Bạn Ơi Mọi Linh Hồn Đều Tự Do
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Representative lyrics

English (Original Language)

1. Know this, that ev’ry soul is free To choose his life and what he’ll be; For this eternal truth is giv’n: That God will force no man to heav’n.

2. He’ll call, persuade, direct aright, And bless with wisdom, love, and light, In nameless ways be good and kind, But never force the human mind.

3. Freedom and reason make us men; Take these away, what are we then? Mere animals, and just as well The beasts may think of heav’n or hell.

4. May we no more our pow’rs abuse, But ways of truth and goodness choose; Our God is pleased when we improve His grace and seek his perfect love.


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