O happy souls, who pray

First line: O happy souls who pray

Original language: English

Words: Isaac Watts; William W. Phelps
Music: George Careless

O happy souls, who pray
, 7

1. O happy souls, who prayWhere God appoints to hear!O happy Saints, who payTheir constant service there!We’ll praise Him still,And happy weWho love the wayTo Zion’s hill.
2. No burning heat by day,Nor blast of evening air,Shall take our health away,If God be with us there.He is our sun,And He our shadeTo guard our headBy night or noon.
3. God is the only Lord,Our shield and our defense;With gifts His hands are stored,We draw our blessings thence.He will bestowOn Jacob’s racePeculiar graceAnd glory too.

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O happy souls who pray

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