A Co-operative Community

Author: John S. Davis
Composer: Unknown

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English (Original Language)

1. Bees are small, peculiar people, Fond of clinging to their hive; Each one tries to be industrious, While they cannot help but thrive. They are true co-operatives, Working till their labor’s o’er; Then they put their means together, And uphold a common store.

2. Some will travel to a distance, Bringing back their produce cheap, Enter then their common warehouse, And lay up their precious heap. There they have a great abundance, All of which is owned by all; Then they have their clerks and porters, And there’s one a “king” they call.

3. Bees will deal not with outsiders; To themselves they keep their pay: Oft they help a needy brother, While he’s struggling on his way. Often are they persecuted For their isolation’s sake; Yet they bear it all with patience, When their honor’s not at stake.

4. Bees are harmless, quiet, sober; Never heed what people say: But when parties dare attack them, All as one will sting away. Let the bees alone to prosper, Then their honey will abound; But if mobbers will molest them, Look for vengeance all around.