Father, Thy Children to Thee Now Raise

Author: Evan Stephens
Composer: Evan Stephens

Languages (20)

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  • Bulgarian: Отче небесни, с радост пеем днес
  • Danish: Fader, vi dine børn nu højt i kor
  • Dutch: Vader, uw kind’ren verheffen nu
  • English Braille: ⠠⠋⠁⠮⠗⠂ ⠠⠹⠽ ⠠⠡⠊⠇⠙⠗⠢ ⠞⠕ ⠠⠮⠑ ⠠⠝⠪ ⠠⠗⠁⠊⠎⠑
  • Estonian: Kuula, Isa, kuis kõlab laste hüüd
  • Finnish: Lapses nyt riemuiten kiitoksen
  • French: Céleste Père, nous, Tes enfants
  • German: Vater, wir singen
  • Hawaiian: Ke Hoomaikai Nei Kau Mau Keiki
  • Icelandic: Faðir, þín börn nú vilja flytja þér
  • Japanese: 父よ,子らはうたう
  • Japanese (Hiragana): 父よ,子らはうたう
  • Japanese (Kanji): 父よ,子らはうたう
  • Korean: 온 세상에 있는 성도들
  • Norwegian: Fader, vi synger i ydmykhet
  • Polish: Ojcze, Twe dziatki wznoszą pieśń
  • Romanian: Tată, copiii Tăi azi înalță un cântec
  • Swedish: Fader, till dig vi nu sända pris
  • Tongan: ʻE Tamai ko hoʻo fanau e
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Representative lyrics

English (Original Language)

1. Father, thy children to thee now raise Glad, grateful songs for thy love and grace, For thy protecting and watchful care Over thy Saints dwelling far and near; Grateful to thee for the gospel light, Which with its truth fills us with delight, Glad that we’ve chosen the better part. Songs of delight fill each grateful heart.

2. Oh, may our songs to thy courts ascend; Pleasing to thee may our voices blend. Lead us as thou hast the faithful led; Feed us with knowledge and daily bread. Let us not stray from the paths of truth; Forgive the folly and faults of youth. Father, accept thou the songs of praise Which from our hearts unto thee we raise.


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