Did Jesus Really Live Again?

Author: Mabel Jones Gabbott
Composer: Royce Campbell Twitchell

Languages (42)

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  • Albanian: Jezusi a Jetoi Sërish?
  • Bulgarian: Живее ли Исус отново?
  • Cebuano: Nabuhi ba Gayud Pag-usab si Jesus?
  • Chinese (Simplified): 主耶稣是否已复活?
  • Chinese (Traditional): 主耶穌是否已復活?
  • Croatian: Zar Isus je uskrsnuo?
  • Czech: Vím, že Ježíš z mrtvých vstal
  • Danish: Mon Jesus virkelig opstod
  • Dutch: Is Jezus werk’lijk opgestaan?
  • Estonian: Kas Jeesus ellu ärkas taas?
  • Fijian: Ko Jisu Ni Sa Bula Tu
  • Finnish: Kai Jeesus elää vieläkin?
  • French: Jésus est-il ressuscité?
  • German: Stand Jesus von den Toten auf?
  • Greek: Αναστήθηκε ο Χριστός
  • Hungarian: Mondd, Jézus tényleg feltámadt?
  • Icelandic: Reis Jesús upp?
  • Indonesian: Benarkah Tuhan T’lah Bangkit?
  • Italian: Gesù risorse il terzo dì?
  • Japanese: イエス様,本当に復活したの
  • Kekchi: Ma yaal naq li Jesus xwakli?
  • Khmer (Cambodian): តើ​ព្រះ​យេស៊ូវ​រស់​ឡើង​វិញ​ឬ
  • Korean: 주님 다시 사셨나요?
  • Latvian: Vai tiešām Jēzus augšāmcēlās?
  • Lithuanian: Ar tikrai Jėzus vėl gyvas?
  • Malagasy: Moa ve Jesoa nitsangana?
  • Mandarin (Romanized/Pinyin): Zhǔ Yēsū shìfǒu yǐ fùhuó?
  • Mongolian: Есүс үхлийн дараа үнэхээр амилсан уу?
  • Norwegian: Sto Jesus opp til liv igjen?
  • Polish: Czy Jezus z grobu powstał sam?
  • Portuguese: Jesus da Morte Ressurgiu?
  • Romanian: Oare-a trăit Isus din nou?
  • Russian: Воскрес ли Иисус?
  • Samoan: Pe Na Toe Soifua Moni Mai ea Iesu?
  • Spanish: ¿Vivió Jesús una vez más?
  • Swedish: Blev Jesus levande igen?
  • Tagalog: Si Jesus ba ay Nagbangon?
  • Tahitian: Ti’afa’ahou ānei Iesu ?
  • Thai: พระเยซูทรงฟื้นขึ้นจริงไหม
  • Tongan: Naʻe Toetuʻu Nai ʻa Sīsū?
  • Ukrainian: Чи правда, що Ісус живий?
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Representative lyrics

English (Original Language)

1. Did Jesus really live again? Yes, when the third day came, He wakened and he left the tomb; He called Mary’s name.

2. Did Jesus come to those he loved? Yes, people touched his feet, And of the fish and honeycomb He did truly eat.

3. And there were nail-prints in his hands And a spear wound in his side. Did Jesus really live again After he had died? Oh yes! And so shall I!


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