Family Prayer

First line: Let us gather in a circle / Let us gather in a circle, And kneel in fam’ly pray’r / Let us gather in a circle And kneel

Original language: English

Words: DeVota Mifflin Peterson
Music: DeVota Mifflin Peterson

Family Prayer
, no. 189

1. Let us gather in a circleAnd kneel in fam’ly prayerTo thank our Heav’nly FatherFor the blessings we all share.
2. Let us thank him for our mealtime,For clothes we daily wear,For parents, home, and fam’ly,For his kind and loving care.
3. Oh, may we always serve him,In thought and action too,And humbly kneel at prayer-timeAs so many fam’lies do.

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Family Prayer

, no. D-6a