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Relief Society Magazine

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Relief Society Magazine, English.
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Relief Society.
Periodical, 1915–1970. 19 songs.



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1934 (Return to top)
Aug 1934.
The Relief Society Magazine Song

Words: Winona L. Thomas

Music: Nellie P. Larsen

pp. 480–482
1931 (Return to top)
Apr 1931.

Words: Unknown

Music: Alfred M. Durham

pp. 242–243
1923 (Return to top)
Feb 1923.
An evening lullaby

Words: Harold Goff

Music: Chas. J. Engar

pp. 84–85
1922 (Return to top)
Jul 1922.

Words: C.W. Penrose

Music: Geo. Careless

pp. 377–378
1921 (Return to top)
Dec 1921.
Life’s Mirror

Words: Madeline Bridges

Music: Edna H. Coray

pp. 730–733
Feb 1921.
Our Mountain Home So Dear

Words: E. B. Wells

Music: E. Stephens

p. OFC
1920 (Return to top)
Apr 1920.
Voices from the dead

Words: R.S.H.

Music: R. S. Horne

pp. 246–247
Mar 1920.
A tribute

Words: Lucy A. Clark

Music: Evan Stephens

pp. 183–184
1919 (Return to top)
Jun 1919.
O my Father

Words: E. R. Snow

Music: Thomas Durham

Arr.: Giles

pp. 370–372
1918 (Return to top)
Jun 1918.
Little Silver Mother

Words: Kate Thomas

Music: Evan Stephens

pp. 361–362
Apr 1918.
The gospel standard

Words: J.K.R.

Music: B. Cecil Gates

pp. 243–244
Mar 1918.
The magic of song

Words: Mrs. Parley Nelson

Music: Lucy May Green

p. 182
1917 (Return to top)
Aug 1917.
The new freedom song

Words: Lucy A.R. Clark

Music: Evan Stephens

p. 445
1916 (Return to top)
Sep 1916.
My friend

Words: L. Lula Greene Richards

Music: Lucy M. Green

p. 540
Jul 1916.
Charms of Springtime

Words: Unknown

Music: Evan Stephens

pp. 418–420
1915 (Return to top)
Oct 1915.
The Relief Society

Words: John M. Chamberlain

Music: John M. Chamberlain

pp. 472473–474

Other versions of this song:
The Relief Society

Jun 1915.
Hushed was the evening hymn

Words: J.D. Burns

Music: Sir Arthur Sullivan

p. 299
Apr 1915.

Words: S.Y.G. [S.Y. Gates]

Music: B. Cecil Gates

pp. 207–208
Feb 1915.
The Song of the Wheat

Words: S.Y.G. [S.Y. Gates]

Music: Evan Stephens

pp. 87–88