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Hymnbooks and other collections in Danish

This list shows hymnals and other music collections published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Danish (Dansk), as well as other hymnals of interest to Latter-day Saints. Hymnals/collections that appear in light grey have not been fully indexed.

Official Publications

General Hymnals

Songbooks for Children

Songbooks for Youth

Miscellaneous Songbooks

Albums and Digital Collections

Periodicals with Music

Manuals with Music

Unofficial or Local Publications

Other Restoration-Based Denominations

Salmer og Sange (1993) Salmer og Sange (1993) Sidste Dages Hellige’s Salmer (1960) Sange (1956) Sange (1956) Zion’s Sange: Tillæg (1945) Zions Sange (1910) Zions Sange (1910) Søndagsskole Sange (1898) Søndagsskole Sange (1898) Salmer med Melodier (1884) Udvalg af Psalmer (1881) Sange, til Brug for de Sidste-Dages Hellige (1857) Sange, til Brug for de Sidste-Dages Hellige (1857) Psalmer og aandelige Sange (1851) Psalmer og aandelige Sange (1851) Hellige lovsange og hymner (1851) Hellige lovsange og hymner (1851) Salmer Salmer
Børnenes sangbog (1995) Børnenes sangbog (1995) Flere børne sange (1978) Aktivitetsange og vers (1978) Syng med mig (1972) Børnene Synger (1960) Syng Dig Glad (1953) SDH Børnenes Egen Sangbog (1950)
Hjertets sang (1979) GUF Sangbog (1952)
Hymn Preludes for Piano (Danish) (1977) Hymns: Simplified Accompaniments, Abridged Version (Danish) (1975) Den Danske Mission: 120 år Sangbog (1970) Sange Til Brug for Kor (1957) Kvindelig Hjælpeforenings Korbog (1951)
Additional Songs for Children (Danish) (1989–Present) Additional Songs for Children (Danish) (1989–Present) Youth Theme Music (Danish) (–Present) Youth Theme Music (Danish) (–Present)
Liahona (Danish) (1851–Present) Liahona (Danish) (1851–Present)
Unge Pigers lejrhåndbog (2002)
Sange afsjungne ved Conferents-Modet (1859) Sange afsjungne ved Conferents-Modet (1859) L. D. S. Hymns for the Scandinavian Conference
Aandelige Sang til Brug i Mission og Sondagsskole (RLDS) (1925) Salmebog til Kirke-og Husandagt (RLDS) (1893)