What Was Witnessed in the Heavens?

Author: John S. Davis
Composer: Varies by tune (see below)

Languages (27)

This song text has been indexed at SingPraises.net in the following languages:

  • Czech: O čem nám nebesa svědčí?
  • Danish: Hvad var skuet udi himlen?
  • Dutch: Wat verscheen daar aan de hemel?
  • English Braille: ⠠⠱⠁⠞ ⠠⠺⠁⠎ ⠠⠺⠊⠞⠝⠑⠎⠎⠫ ⠔ ⠮ ⠠⠓⠑⠁⠧⠢⠎⠢
  • Fijian: Vakatakilai Mai Cake
  • French: Qu’a-t-on vu venir sur terre
  • German: Wer kam mitten durch den Himmel?
  • Greek: Στους ουρανούς τι έχει γίνει
  • Hawaiian: Heaha Ka I Ikeia?
  • Japanese: 何を天に見しか
  • Japanese (Hiragana): 何を天に見しか
  • Japanese (Kanji): 何を天に見しか
  • Khmer (Cambodian): មាន​បន្ទាល់​អ្វី​នៅ​ឯស្ថាន​សួគ៌
  • Korean: 하늘에 천사 무엇하려고
  • Maori: He aha i kitea i te rangi ?
  • Norwegian: Hvad var skuet uti himlen
  • Portuguese: O Que Vimos Lá nos Céus
  • Romanian: Ce s-a mărturisit în ceruri
  • Samoan: Po o le ā le Fa‘aaliga?
  • Spanish: ¿Qué es lo que vieron en las alturas?
  • Spanish Braille: ⠠⠟⠥ ⠑⠎ ⠇⠕ ⠟⠥⠑ ⠧⠊⠻⠕⠝ ⠢ ⠇⠁⠎ ⠁⠇⠞⠥⠗⠁⠎⠢
  • Swedish: Vad bevittnades i himlen?
  • Tahitian: Eaha te Ohipa i te Ra’i
  • Tongan: Ko e hā Ne Hā ʻi Langí?
  • Welsh: Beth a welwyd yn y nefoedd?
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Most common tunes for “What Was Witnessed in the Heavens?”

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Appearances of “What Was Witnessed in the Heavens?” over time

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Representative lyrics

English (Original Language)

1. What was witnessed in the heavens? Why, an angel earthward bound. Had he something with him bringing? Yes, the gospel, joyful sound! It was to be preached in power On the earth, the angel said, To all men, all tongues and nations That upon its face are spread.

2. Had we not before the gospel? Yes, it came of old to men. Then what is this latter gospel? ’Tis the first one come again. This was preached by Paul and Peter And by Jesus Christ, the Head. This we latter Saints are preaching; We their footsteps wish to tread.

3. Where so long has been the gospel? Did it pass from earth away? Yes, ’twas taken back to heaven Till should dawn a brighter day. What became of those departed, Knowing not the gospel plan? In the spirit world they’ll hear it; God is just to ev’ry man.


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