Hymnbooks and other collections in Tongan

This list shows hymnals and other music collections published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Tongan (Faka-tonga), as well as other hymnals of interest to Latter-day Saints. Hymnals/collections that appear in light grey have not been fully indexed.

Official Publications

General Hymnals

Songbooks for Children

Songbooks for Youth

Miscellaneous Songbooks

Albums and Digital Collections

Periodicals with Music

Manuals with Music

Other Christian Denominations

Ngaahi Himí (1994) Ngaahi Himí (1994) Ngaahi Himi (1983) Ngaahi Himi (1983) Koe Gahi Hiva o Saione (1912) Koe Gahi Hiva o Saione (1912)
Tohi Hiva ʻa e Fānaú (1996) Ko e Ngaahi Hiva mo e Ngaahi Veesi ʻEkitiviti (1978) Ko e ngaahi hiva Maʻae Fanau (1978) Hiva Pea Mo Au (1969) Hiva Pea Mo Au (1969)
Ko e Hiva ʻo e Loto (1979)
Hymns: Simplified Accompaniments, Abridged Version (Tongan) (1975) Ko e Tohi Hiva ʻa e kau fine ʻofa (1963)
Additional Songs for Children (Tongan) (2006–Present) Youth Theme Music (Tongan) (–Present)
Liahona (Tongan) (1954–Present)
Tohi Fakahinohino ki he Nofo Kemi ʻa e Kau Finemuí (2002)
Ko e tohi himi ʻa e siasi uesiliana tauʻataina (1826)