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Hinos Para Coro

The Choirbook, Portuguese.
Brazil. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
1981. Only known edition. 24 songs.

5/81 printing.


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4. A Alva Rompe (SCTB)

Arr.: Hal K. Campbell

Words: Parley P. Pratt

Music: George Careless

8. Ide a Todas as Nações (SCB)

Words: Marylou Cunningham Leavitt

Music: Darwin Wolford

12. Uma Obra Maravilhosa (SCTB)

Words: Alexander Schreiner

Music: Alexander Schreiner

15. E Eis Grande Multidão Com Brancas Vestes (SCTB)

Adapt.: Mabel Jones Gabbott

Words: Hans Adolph Brorson

Music: Edvard Grieg

16. Embora Cheios de Pesar (SCB)

Arr.: A. Laurence Lyon

Words: Eliza R. Snow

Music: George Careless

20. Doce é o Trabalho (SCTB)

Arr.: Robert P. Manookin

Words: Isaac Watts

Music: John J. McClellan Jr.

24. Jesus! Nome de Amor (SCB)

Words: W. Walsham How

Music: Everett Titcomb

28. Porque Deus Amou o Mundo (SCTB)

Words: John Stainer

Music: John Stainer

30. Não Está Aqui (Hino de Páscoa, SCTB)

Words: Crawford Gates

Music: Crawford Gates

33. Jesus, Nosso Salvador (SCTB)

Adapt.: Karen Lynn Davidson

Words: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

36. Eu Sinto o Amor de Deus (Hino para Crianças ou Coro a Duas Vozes)

Words: Ralph Rodgers Jr.; K. Newell Dayley; Laurie A. Huffman

Music: K. Newell Dayley

38. Benigno Salvador (Hino das Cruzadas, SCTB)

Arr.: J. Spencer Cornwall

Words: Anon.

Music: Silesian folk song

41. Santo Espírito (SCTB)

Words: Leroy J. Robertson

Music: Leroy J. Robertson

42. Pai Nosso (SCTB)

Words: B. Cecil Gates

Music: B. Cecil Gates

45. Dedicação (SCTB)

Words: Willy Reske

Music: Willy Reske

46. O Senhor Te Abençoe e Te Guarde (SCTB)

Words: Peter Lutkin

Music: Peter Lutkin

48. Graças Dai A Deus (SCB)

Words: Nahum Tate; Nicholas Brady

Music: Johannes Brahms

50. Ó Montanhas, Exaltai! (SCTB)

Words: Evan Stephens

Music: Evan Stephens

54. Alegres Cantemos (Coro e Congregação)

Arr.: Clay Christiansen

Words: William W. Phelps

Music: Henry Tucker

56. Hino de Louvar (SCTB)

Words: Leroy J. Robertson

Music: Leroy J. Robertson

60. Pai, Abençoa Nosso Lar (SCTB)

Words: Marylou Cunningham Leavitt

Music: Darwin Wolford

65. Lar, Um Lugar de Amor (Uníssono)

Words: Orson Scott Card

Music: Lynn R. Shurtleff

66. O Sacerdôcio (SC, TB, ou Ambos)

Words: Keith Engar

Music: Robert Cundick

69. Hosana (Antema) (SCTB e Congregação)

Arr.: Darwin Wolford

Words: Evan Stephens; William W. Phelps

Music: Evan Stephens; Anon.

Medleyist: Evan Stephens

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