British Pageant

The British Pageant: Truth Will Prevail

Music from Church Pageants, English.
Chorley, England; Nauvoo, Illinois, USA.
Published year unknown. 18 songs.



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1. Introduction

2. The Missionaries Arrive/Oh Say, What Is Truth?

3. Preston Town Square

4. Ashtons at the Factory

5. Vauxhall Chapel/Joseph Smith’s First Prayer

6. At the River Ribble

7. Race to the Waters/The Morning Breaks

8. Downham and Chatburn/Redeemer of Israel/Beautiful Savior

9. End of Heber’s First Mission/Jerusalem

10. Sarah Finds the Will

11. Apostles’ Arrival/Come, All Whose Souls Are Lighted

12. Hide and Seek/The Cuckoo

13. The Book of Mormon/How Firm a Foundation

14. Call to Emigrate/Beautiful Zion, Built Above

15. At the Docks in Wales/Suo Gân

16. Setting Sail/The Gallant Ship

17. Burial at Sea/Oh, What Songs of the Heart

18. Finale

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