Music from the New Era

Music from the
New Era

Music from the New Era, English.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Periodical, 1971–2020. 184 songs.

Index of songs from the New Era magazine. Last updated December 2020.



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2020 (Return to top)
Jun 2020.
A Light to the World
Apr 2020.
Pillar of Light
Jan 2020.
I Will Go and Do (Male Version)
2019 (Return to top)
Jan 2019.
If We Love Him (2019 Mutual Theme Song)
2018 (Return to top)
Dec 2018.
The First Noel
Apr 2018.
I Feel My Savior’s Love
Jan 2018.
Peace in Christ
2017 (Return to top)
Dec 2017.
Silent Night
Jan 2017.
Ask of God
2016 (Return to top)
Dec 2016.
A Savior Is Born
Jul 2016.
One by One
2015 (Return to top)
Dec 2015.
Jesus Holy
Jun 2015.
Good to Be Alive
Apr 2015.
Gentle Jesus, Pure and Fair
2014 (Return to top)
Dec 2014.
God Hath Sent His Son This Day
Jul 2014.
A Change of Heart
Apr 2014.
I Marvel at the Miracle
2013 (Return to top)
Dec 2013.
In the Silence
2011 (Return to top)
Dec 2011.
Softly Falls the Evening Light
2010 (Return to top)
Dec 2010.
Christmas Comes Again
Feb 2010.
Be Strong
2009 (Return to top)
Dec 2009.
Mary, Sweet and Tender Maiden
Sep 2009.
The Book of Mormon Has Come Forth
Mar 2009.
Tender Mercies of the Lord
2008 (Return to top)
Dec 2008.
Little Baby
Oct 2008.
Steadfast and Immovable
2007 (Return to top)
Dec 2007.
From Father’s Arms to Mother’s Arms
Aug 2007.
If the Savior Stood Beside Me
Apr 2007.
Tender Mercies of the Lord
2006 (Return to top)
Dec 2006.
Soft and Pure
Apr 2006.
When the Holy Spirit Speaks
2005 (Return to top)
Dec 2005.
Would I Know My Savior?
Apr 2005.
The Mighty Priesthood of God (Men’s Voices)
2004 (Return to top)
May 2004.
Young Men of Zion
Apr 2004.
On Bended Knee
2002 (Return to top)
Dec 2002.
Arise and Sing This Christmas Morn
Jun 2002.
My Testimony
Mar 2002.
In That Holy Place
2001 (Return to top)
Sep 2001.
Maybe I Will Be There
Sep 2001.
We, the Youth in Zion’s Army
Feb 2001.
The Voice of the Spirit
2000 (Return to top)
Dec 2000.
Let It Come Quietly
Sep 2000.
He Is There
Sep 2000.
Let Us Awake
Jan 2000.
I Know That My Redeemer Lives
1999 (Return to top)
Dec 1999.
Christmas Bells Are Ringing
Oct 1999.
Home Is a Place of Peace
Sep 1999.
Just a Moment in Eternity
Sep 1999.
Mar 1999.
This Is Thy Day
1998 (Return to top)
Dec 1998.
Little Child
Sep 1998.
Somewhere There’s Somebody Waiting
Sep 1998.
Morning Prayer
Jun 1998.
I’ll Be Your Friend
May 1998.
Plain and Precious Truth
Apr 1998.
One by One
Mar 1998.
My Mother My Daughter
Jan 1998.
A Light That’s Pure
1997 (Return to top)
Dec 1997.
Christmas Time Is Here
Nov 1997.
Our Father and Our God
Aug 1997.
The Power of His Love
Aug 1997.
Behold, the Field Is White
Jul 1997.
Brother Brigham Says
Apr 1997.
Faith in Every Footstep
Mar 1997.
Within These Walls
1996 (Return to top)
Dec 1996.
As with Gladness
Oct 1996.
In Days of Old
Aug 1996.
Only a Prayer Away
Aug 1996.
We Thank Thee, Lord, for Temples
Jun 1996.
I Heard the Prophet Speak
Apr 1996.
He Will Heal Us
Mar 1996.
Walk in the Light
Jan 1996.
Walk Tall, You’re a Daughter of God
1995 (Return to top)
Dec 1995.
This Is Christmas
Nov 1995.
Simple Pleasures
Sep 1995.
Plant a Seed in Your Heart
Aug 1995.
Walking in His Father’s Footsteps
Aug 1995.
Forsake Me Not
Jun 1995.
Hear and Hearken
Apr 1995.
Come unto Him
Feb 1995.
Father, We Worship Thee
1994 (Return to top)
Dec 1994.
Hope Was Born
Nov 1994.
Make a Joyful Noise
Oct 1994.
The Armor of God
Aug 1994.
Glad Tidings from Cumorah
Aug 1994.
The Carpenter
Jun 1994.
To Those with Pure Intent
Apr 1994.
Light of the World
Feb 1994.
Zion Must Go Forth
1993 (Return to top)
Dec 1993.
And Mary Pondered
Nov 1993.
More Than I Can Give
Sep 1993.
Marriage for Eternity
Aug 1993.
Power of His Grace
Aug 1993.
O Master, Let Me Walk with Thee
May 1993.
Today I Must Prepare
Apr 1993.
The Savior’s Touch
Feb 1993.
I Feel at Peace
1992 (Return to top)
Dec 1992.
In a Stable
Nov 1992.
Be It unto Me
Aug 1992.
My Father’s Care
Aug 1992.
O Savior, Thou Who Healed the Sick
Apr 1992.
I Will Come unto Christ
Mar 1992.
I Am a Daughter of God
Jan 1992.
Look Inside
1991 (Return to top)
Dec 1991.
The First Christmas
Aug 1991.
Seeds of Truth
Aug 1991.
A Voice Whispers from the Earth
Jun 1991.
To Kneel in Family Prayer
Apr 1991.
He Is Our Guide
1990 (Return to top)
Dec 1990.
A Gift of Love
Aug 1990.
My Mission
Aug 1990.
O Zion Blest
Apr 1990.
This Is Jesus
1989 (Return to top)
Dec 1989.
Room in the Inn
Oct 1989.
I Will Lead You
Aug 1989.
Warriors for the Lord
Aug 1989.
We Are Your Daughters
Apr 1989.
With Heart and Voice
1988 (Return to top)
Dec 1988.
A New Star Shines Tonight
Aug 1988.
I’ll Follow Christ
Aug 1988.
Praise to the Lamb
Apr 1988.
Not My Will
Jan 1988.
Just One Little Light
1987 (Return to top)
Dec 1987.
When Love Came Down
Oct 1987.
If You Love ’Em, Tell ’Em
Aug 1987.
Go Ye into All the World
Aug 1987.
It Is with Christ
Jun 1987.
The Clarion Call
Mar 1987.
Thou Shalt Love the Lord Thy God
1986 (Return to top)
Dec 1986.
Little One
Oct 1986.
A Mighty Wave
Aug 1986.
Draw Near
Aug 1986.
Come Forth, O Children
Apr 1986.
No Ordinary Man
1985 (Return to top)
Dec 1985.
Learn Wisdom in Thy Youth
Nov 1985.
I Walk by Faith
Aug 1985.
Praise to Zion’s King
Aug 1985.
He Is Not Here: For He Is Risen
Jun 1985.
I’m Glad That God Chose Me to Be Your Son
Mar 1985.
I Shall Love the Lord, My God, with All My Heart
1984 (Return to top)
Dec 1984.
Carol for Christmas Morning
Aug 1984.
If Your Eye Be Single
Aug 1984.
Come All Who Love the Lord
Mar 1984.
A Missionary’s Prayer (I Will Go and Do)
Jan 1984.
You’re Not Alone
1983 (Return to top)
Dec 1983.
Carol to a King
Oct 1983.
Behold, My Joy Is Full
Aug 1983.
Jesus, My Savior
Jun 1983.
Love Casts Out Fear
Apr 1983.
I Remember the Savior
Jan 1983.
Song for the River
1982 (Return to top)
Dec 1982.
Christ Is the Savior
Aug 1982.
Calm Is the Night
Aug 1982.
An Instrument in Thy Hands
Jul 1982.
The New Pioneers
Jun 1982.
The Lord Is My Strength
Apr 1982.
There Is a Green Hill Far Away
Mar 1982.
1981 (Return to top)
Dec 1981.
What Does Christmas Mean
Aug 1981.
If Thou Lovest Me
Aug 1981.
Today’s Disciple
Jul 1981.
What God Hath Given
May 1981.
I Face the World
1980 (Return to top)
Dec 1980.
To My Savior (A Duet)
Oct 1980.
Morning of Your Life
Aug 1980.
The Sign
Aug 1980.
For Bread and Breath of Life
May 1980.
The Priesthood Reigns on Earth
Apr 1980.
The Lost Lamb