The Contributor

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The Contributor, English.
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Junius F. Wells.
Periodical, 1879–1896. 52 songs.



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1896 (Return to top)
Apr 1896.
Good Night
Feb 1896.
Return of Truth
Jan 1896.
1895 (Return to top)
Dec 1895.
A Psalm of Life
Nov 1895.
Sweet and Low
Sep 1895.
Providence is over all
Jul 1895.
Love’s Call
May 1895.
Guard and Guide Us
Mar 1895.
All is well
Feb 1895.
O My Father
Jan 1895.
God is Love
1894 (Return to top)
Oct 1894.
O My Father
Sep 1894.
Life’s Journey
Mar 1894.
Sweet is the work
Feb 1894.
Sweet peaceful vales
1893 (Return to top)
Nov 1893.
Creation speaks with awful voice
Sep 1893.
Temple Dedication
Sep 1893.
Aug 1893.
Our Father in Heaven
Jun 1893.
Anthem “Arise Ye Saints”
May 1893.
Let all Israel Sing
Apr 1893.
“Hosannah” Anthem
Apr 1893.
Temple Song
Mar 1893.
I think of Thee
Feb 1893.
Evening Prayer
Jan 1893.
Hymn of Praise
1892 (Return to top)
Dec 1892.
Land of Zion
Nov 1892.
The Two Roses
Oct 1892.
The beautiful home of the soul
Sep 1892.
Aug 1892.
The Trumpeters
Jul 1892.
Jun 1892.
The chapel
May 1892.
Missionary’s Farewell
May 1892.
School thy feelings
Apr 1892.
All hail this glorious day
Mar 1892.
Dawn of Day
Feb 1892.
Jan 1892.
The Linden Tree
1891 (Return to top)
Dec 1891.
Zion prospers
Nov 1891.
The blossoms close at eve
Oct 1891.
The soldier’s farewell
Sep 1891.
Home Love
Aug 1891.
When the swallows homeward fly
Jul 1891.
Yon Tow’ring Peak
May 1891.
Stand by the flag
Apr 1891.
Proudly as the eagle
Mar 1891.
Like the woodland roses
Feb 1891.
Fairy Moonlight
Jan 1891.
The Power of Song
1890 (Return to top)
Dec 1890.
All is Well
Nov 1890.
Invocation to Harmony


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