Easy Hymn Preludes for Organ

Easy Hymn Preludes for Organ, English.
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
1981. Only known edition. 18 songs.

Book © 1981 by Corporation of the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Historical. This collection is out of print.

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1. Jesus of Nazareth

Arr.: Gerald Dick

Words: Hugh W. Dougall

Music: Hugh W. Dougall

2. Come unto Jesus

Arr.: James B. Welch

Words: Orson Pratt Huish

Music: Orson Pratt Huish

4. Come, Follow Me

Arr.: Wilson C. Brown

Words: John Nicholson

Music: Samuel McBurney

6. Behold the Great Redeemer Die

Arr.: R. Paul Thompson

Words: Eliza R. Snow

Music: George Careless

8. Abide with Me

Arr.: Roy M. Darley

Words: Henry F. Lyte

Music: William H. Monk

10. Beautiful Savior

Arr.: Michael F. Moody

Words: Gesangbuch, Münster, 1677

Music: Silesian folk song; Schlesiche Volkslieder, 1842

12. I Need Thee Every Hour

Arr.: Willy Reske

Words: Annie S. Hawks

Music: Robert Lowry

14. Dearest Children, God Is Near You

Arr.: Dan Gawthrop

Words: Charles L. Walker

Music: John Menzies Macfarlane

16. How Gentle God’s Commands

Arr.: M. David Chugg

Words: Philip Doddridge

Music: Hans Georg Nägeli

18. Gently Raise the Sacred Strain

Arr.: Clay Christiansen

Words: William W. Phelps

Music: Thomas C. Griggs

20. As the Dew from Heaven Distilling

Arr.: Lynn R. Shurtleff

Words: Thomas Kelly

Music: Joseph J. Daynes

22. Zion Stands with Hills Surrounded

Arr.: Darwin Wolford

Words: Thomas Kelly

Music: A. C. Smyth

24. It May Not Be on the Mountain Height

Arr.: Gaylen Hatton

Words: Mary Brown

Music: Carrie E. Rounsefell

26. There Is Beauty All Around

Arr.: A. Laurence Lyon

Words: John Hugh McNaughton

Music: John Hugh McNaughton

28. We Love Thy House, O God

Arr.: Darwin Wolford

Words: William Bullock

Music: Leroy J. Robertson

30. Softly Now the Light of Day

Arr.: Gaylen Hatton

Words: George W. Doane

Music: Carl Maria von Weber

32. Father in Heaven

Arr.: Ivan Frazier

Words: Angus S. Hibbard

Music: Friedrich F. Flemming

34. Prayer Is the Soul’s Sincere Desire

Arr.: Harry Schultz

Words: James Montgomery

Music: George Careless

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