Himnos de Sion: Suplemento (South American Mission)

Himnos de Sion de la Iglesia de Jesu Cristo: Suplemento

Miscellaneous (General), Spanish.
Buenos Aires, Argentina. South American Mission.
1927. Only known edition. 25 songs.

Printed as an insert to put in the back of Himnos de Sion (Mexican Mission, 1912).


Historical. This collection is out of print.

This edition is believed to be in public domain in the United States, either because it was published before 1924, or because it was published before 1964 and the copyright was not renewed. Any songs from before 1924 are in public domain and may be freely copied from their pre-1924 source. Individual songs first published between 1924 and 1964 may still be copyrighted, even if the collection has fallen out of copyright.

Flake-Draper Number: 1854a (Mormon Bibliography, 1830–1930)

BYU Harold B. Lee Library: BX 8608 .A1a no. 8526 (Special Collections)
Church History Library: M285.2 H99SPA 1927 no. 3

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1. Cristo El quiere que brille

Words: Nellie Talbot

Music: Edwin O. Excell

2. Pon tu hombro a la lid

Words: Will L. Thompson

Music: Will L. Thompson

3. Solana en mi alma hay

Words: Eliza E. Hewitt

Music: John R. Sweney

4. Brillad, brillad

Words: Joseph Ballantyne

Music: Joseph Ballantyne

5. Paz, cálmense

Words: Mary Ann Baker

Music: H. R. Palmer

6. Tu niño tan caro ha muerto

Words: Eliza R. Snow

Music: Ebenezer Beesley

7. Allá, allá, el nos dirá

Words: Maxwell N. Cornelius

Music: James McGranahan

8. Cuando hay amor

Words: John Hugh McNaughton

Music: John Hugh McNaughton

9. Cuan grato es cantar loor

Words: George Manwaring

Music: Ebenezer Beesley

10. Sé prudente, O hermano

Words: Charles W. Penrose

Music: George F. Root

11. Asombro me da

Words: Charles H. Gabriel

Music: Charles H. Gabriel

12. Si la vía es penosa

Words: W. H. Flaville

Music: John R. Sweney

13. O Jesús, gran Rey del cielo

Words: John Fellows

Music: Evan Stephens

14. ¡Qué firmes cimientos!

Words: Selection of Hymns, John Rippon, 1787; Robert Keen

Music: Anon.; John Ellis

15. ¡Salve Sión, es tu día ilustre!

Words: Thomas Hastings

Music: Edwin F. Parry

16. Jehová, sé nuestro guía

Words: William Williams

Music: Annie F. Harrison

17. Tan humilde al nacer

Words: Parley P. Pratt

Music: Giacomo Meyerbeer; English Chorister

18. A Dios, el Padre, y Jesús

Words: Thomas Ken

Music: Louis Bourgeois; Genevan Psalter, 1551

19. Cuando los pesares te abrumarán

Words: Johnson Oatman Jr.

Music: Edwin O. Excell

20. Jesús en pesebre, sin cuna nació

Words: Martin Luther; Little Children’s Book for Schools and Families, 1885

Music: Charles H. Gabriel

21. Canto de Navidad

Words: Anon.

Music: Anon.

22. Palabras de amor

Words: Joseph L. Townsend

Music: Edwin F. Parry

23. Escucha al Profeta

Words: Joseph S. Murdock; Bruce R. McConkie

Music: Joseph J. Daynes

24. O hablemos con tiernos acentos

Words: Joseph L. Townsend

Music: Ebenezer Beesley

25. ¡Mirad, reales huestes!

Words: Fanny J. Crosby

Music: Adam Geibel

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