The Children’s Friend

Music from “The Children’s Friend” (1902–1970)

The Children’s Friend, English.
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Primary Association; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Periodical, 1902–1970. 588 songs.

Indexed 1902–1970.



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1970 (Return to top)
Jul 1970.
The Stradivarius Violin
May 1970.
German Folk Dance
Mar 1970.
My Music Page
Jan 1970.
Musical Adventures
1969 (Return to top)
Dec 1969.
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Oct 1969.
Little Prelude in G Major
Mar 1969.
I often go walking
1968 (Return to top)
Dec 1968.
On that holy night
Dec 1968.
The new year comes with happiness
Oct 1968.
Lullaby from Norway
Sep 1968.
For thy bounteous blessings
Sep 1968.
Thanks to thee
Aug 1968.
Remember your name and address
Jul 1968.
Have a visit with your friend
Jul 1968.
The Ox Cart
Jun 1968.
Happy Hours
May 1968.
I have two feet
Apr 1968.
Feb 1968.
Skating song
Jan 1968.
Hello Song
1967 (Return to top)
Nov 1967.
Remember the Sabbath Day
Jun 1967.
A morning song
May 1967.
Give Said the Little Stream
Apr 1967.
Remembering Benjamin Franklin
Mar 1967.
An Old Song
Feb 1967.
Freedom hope
Jan 1967.
The Family
1966 (Return to top)
Dec 1966.
Christmas Night
Nov 1966.
Song of praise
Oct 1966.
Happy Birthday Song
Sep 1966.
It’s Autumn time
Jul 1966.
A parade
Jun 1966.
Daddy’s homecoming
Apr 1966.
I’m a little bunny
Mar 1966.
Hymn of Praise
Feb 1966.
A valentine for Grandma
Jan 1966.
The New Year comes with Happiness
1965 (Return to top)
Dec 1965.
Nov 1965.
For thy bounteous blessings
Oct 1965.
I’m a mean old witch with a hat!
Aug 1965.
Swinging, swaying
Jul 1965.
Thanks to Thee
May 1965.
What does your family do?
Apr 1965.
O how lovely was the morning
Mar 1965.
Spring is Around (Round)
Feb 1965.
Birthday Pennies
Jan 1965.
The Little New Year
1964 (Return to top)
Dec 1964.
There’s no time
Nov 1964.
Quiet Song
Oct 1964.
Halloween Tree
Sep 1964.
Autumn leaves
Aug 1964.
Jesus blessed the children
Jul 1964.
What do you do in the summertime
Jun 1964.
My Kitty Cat
May 1964.
Mother, I love you
Apr 1964.
Oh, Spring is here again
Mar 1964.
Funny Bunny
Feb 1964.
A Valentine Surprise
Jan 1964.
The Snow
1963 (Return to top)
Dec 1963.
Ring out the bells
Nov 1963.
Sing Praise
Oct 1963.
A Halloween Surprise
Sep 1963.
Autumn is here
Aug 1963.
Lift up your voice and sing
Jul 1963.
Marching along
Jun 1963.
May 1963.
The Bossy Cow
Apr 1963.
Easter song
Mar 1963.
Slumber song
Feb 1963.
Happy, happy birthday
Jan 1963.
Happy New Year (3-part round)
1962 (Return to top)
Dec 1962.
Christmas Bells
Nov 1962.
My Hands
Oct 1962.
Primary Day
Sep 1962.
I think the world is glorious
Aug 1962.
My Heavenly Father wants me to be happy
Jul 1962.
Jenny Lou
Jun 1962.
I wiggle
May 1962.
Heavenly Father, now I pray
Apr 1962.
Swing Song
Mar 1962.
A birthday song
Feb 1962.
Learning the Books of Mormon
Jan 1962.
Cradle Song
1961 (Return to top)
Dec 1961.
Christmas Chimes
Oct 1961.
Sep 1961.
Come, little leaves
Sep 1961.
I love my Heavenly Father
Aug 1961.
Musical fun for everyone
Jul 1961.
Bells of freedom
Jun 1961.
Evening prayer
May 1961.
Apr 1961.
I like to sing
Apr 1961.
Miniature Rondo
Mar 1961.
I like to sing
Feb 1961.
Mother’s Valentine
Jan 1961.
My Heavenly Father loves me
1960 (Return to top)
Dec 1960.
A song for Christmas
Jul 1960.
Hiking Song
Jun 1960.
It’s Spring
May 1960.
Little Brook
Apr 1960.
The Chapel Doors
Feb 1960.
Valentine Skip
1959 (Return to top)
Dec 1959.
Nov 1959.
A precious gift
Oct 1959.
Aug 1959.
Birthday Time
Jul 1959.
Big Parade
Jun 1959.
Reverently, Quietly
May 1959.
My mommy
Apr 1959.
Our Blessings
Mar 1959.
Jesus has risen
Feb 1959.
Penny Song
1958 (Return to top)
Dec 1958.
Nov 1958.
I love Thee, Heavenly Father
Oct 1958.
Happy Children
Sep 1958.
Postman’s Coming
Aug 1958.
My Friend
Jul 1958.
Ho! Ho! Ho! Magic!
Jul 1958.
Let’s go riding in a wagon
Jun 1958.
Teach me to walk in the light
May 1958.
Happy Larks
May 1958.
Happy Family
Mar 1958.
All hail to Christ our risen Lord
Jan 1958.
Our Primary Colors
1957 (Return to top)
Dec 1957.
Christmas time is music time
Nov 1957.
I thank thee, Lord
Sep 1957.
My Heavenly Father’s House
Aug 1957.
Help me to be good
Jul 1957.
Pioneer Children
Jun 1957.
My Dad
Jun 1957.
I am a Child of God
May 1957.
’Tis Spring
Apr 1957.
Popcorn popping on the apricot tree
Mar 1957.
Because It’s Spring
Feb 1957.
Little copper birthday pennies
Jan 1957.
January Wind
1956 (Return to top)
Dec 1956.
Christmas morning
Dec 1956.
Falling snow
Nov 1956.
Two happy feet
Oct 1956.
Sep 1956.
Magic shoes
Aug 1956.
When I go to church
Aug 1956.
Kitty Music
Jul 1956.
Jul 1956.
Kookaburra (A song to play and sing)
May 1956.
A desirable neighbor
Apr 1956.
Safety Song
Apr 1956.
Open your eyes
Apr 1956.
A rabbit
Mar 1956.
When He comes again
Mar 1956.
In my garden
Mar 1956.
In Reverence
Feb 1956.
Birthday song
Feb 1956.
Guess what!
Jan 1956.
1955 (Return to top)
Dec 1955.
Christmas dawn
Oct 1955.
Oct 1955.
There’s no such thing as a witch
Sep 1955.
Aug 1955.
Jul 1955.
It’s a long long way
Jun 1955.
Farm news
Jun 1955.
When raindrops play
Jun 1955.
The little rabbit
Mar 1955.
Valentine Fun
Feb 1955.
This is the Lord’s House
1954 (Return to top)
Dec 1954.
Joseph and Mary
Jul 1954.
We welcome you
Mar 1954.
Wake Up
Mar 1954.
What a wonderful day
Mar 1954.
Look, look, look
1953 (Return to top)
Feb 1953.
Valentine Penny Song
Feb 1953.
I’m waiting for Daddy
Jan 1953.
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Jan 1953.
Happy Birthday Song
1952 (Return to top)
Dec 1952.
The Bells of New Year
Nov 1952.
The Project Song
Jul 1952.
How d’ya do
Jan 1952.
At Easter time
1951 (Return to top)
Aug 1951.
God is near
Jun 1951.
Happy Home Builders
Jun 1951.
The Chimes of Dunkirk
Jun 1951.
The Shoemaker
Jun 1951.
Danish Greeting
May 1951.
A welcome to May
May 1951.
Sir Roger de Coverly
Apr 1951.
When we’re busy
Apr 1951.
Seven Steps
Mar 1951.
Happy Easter
Feb 1951.
Birthday Round
Feb 1951.
He is near me
Jan 1951.
The Children’s Friend
1950 (Return to top)
Dec 1950.
Merry Christmas
Jul 1950.
Our Primary colors
Jul 1950.
Hello song
Jan 1950.
The Lord’s prayer
1949 (Return to top)
Jul 1949.
The Ox Cart
Jul 1949.
The Airplane
Jun 1949.
The Rabbit
Jun 1949.
The Turtle
Jun 1949.
My Teacher
May 1949.
Dance and Sing
May 1949.
Hear Our Prayer
May 1949.
The Farmer in the Dell
May 1949.
Now the Day Is Over
May 1949.
Over the Rainbow
Apr 1949.
Boating Song
Apr 1949.
Skating Song
Apr 1949.
Hopping Song
Mar 1949.
Sing sweetly, sing gaily
Mar 1949.
Left right, left right
Mar 1949.
Swing Song
Mar 1949.
The Clock
Feb 1949.
Hickory Dickory Dock
Feb 1949.
The Band
Feb 1949.
Birthday Song
Jan 1949.
Soft / Loud
Jan 1949.
Santa Lucia
Jan 1949.
A Very Happy Birthday
1948 (Return to top)
Dec 1948.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Dec 1948.
Jul 1948.
Old Folks at Home
Jun 1948.
Old Folks at Home
Jun 1948.
Cradle Song
Jun 1948.
There’s Music in the Air
1947 (Return to top)
Sep 1947.
The Guide Song
Aug 1947.
The Gospel Restoration
Jul 1947.
O Noble Mother Pioneer
Jan 1947.
Jan 1947.
March Wind
1946 (Return to top)
Oct 1946.
A Happy Home
Feb 1946.
Let Me Help
1945 (Return to top)
Aug 1945.
Get Acquainted Game
Jun 1945.
When Daddy Comes from Work
Jan 1945.
1944 (Return to top)
Dec 1944.
Peace on Earth
Oct 1944.
Oct 1944.
This Is God’s House
May 1944.
Snowfairies’ Song
May 1944.
The Seasons
1943 (Return to top)
Apr 1943.
When We’re Helping
Feb 1943.
Blazers’ Song
Jan 1943.
Do You Know?
1942 (Return to top)
Dec 1942.
The Harper’s Song
Dec 1942.
Little Lambs
Oct 1942.
Song of the Lark
Sep 1942.
Trekker Song
Aug 1942.
Babe of Bethlehem
May 1942.
God’s Creatures
May 1942.
Sunshine Song
Mar 1942.
Jesus Blessed the Children
1941 (Return to top)
Dec 1941.
A Song for Christmas
Nov 1941.
Siegfried Idyl
Nov 1941.
Luther’s Cradle Hymn
Oct 1941.
Sleep Little Baby Sleep
Oct 1941.
How D’Ye Do, My Partner
Sep 1941.
Quiet Song
Sep 1941.
Prayer Song
Sep 1941.
Hello Song
Aug 1941.
A Prayer Song
Aug 1941.
Jun 1941.
My Hat
May 1941.
There Stands a Little Man
Apr 1941.
Susy, Little Susy
Apr 1941.
Brother, Come and Dance with Me
Mar 1941.
I Have a Garden
Feb 1941.
Lady Spring
Feb 1941.
I Wish I Had a Windmill
Jan 1941.
God Is Love
1940 (Return to top)
Nov 1940.
Oct 1940.
Cradle Hymn
Aug 1940.
Home Builders’ Song
Aug 1940.
Babe of Bethlehem
May 1940.
For Beauty
Jan 1940.
Song of the Raindrops
1939 (Return to top)
Dec 1939.
Tooth Bugs
Nov 1939.
Greeting and Farewell
Nov 1939.
Babe of Bethlehem
Oct 1939.
Cradle Hymn
Sep 1939.
Let the Little Children Come
Aug 1939.
Who Are You?
Aug 1939.
Jesus, Friend of Little Children
Aug 1939.
The Light Divine
Jul 1939.
Because We’re Mormons
Jul 1939.
Dickory, Dickory Dock
Jun 1939.
Little Jack Horner
Jun 1939.
Rose, Let Us Be Dancing
May 1939.
Apr 1939.
Sweet Summer Hours
Mar 1939.
Primary Penny Song
Mar 1939.
The Land of Happy Hearts
Mar 1939.
The Rain
Jan 1939.
Chimes of Dunkirk
Jan 1939.
Dare to Do Right
Jan 1939.
Oh Suzanna
Jan 1939.
There’s Someone Singing
1938 (Return to top)
Dec 1938.
I’m Not Too Young for God to See
Dec 1938.
Let’s Be Kind to One Another
Dec 1938.