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Saints Hymnal (Bickerton)

Saints Hymnal of the Church of Jesus Christ

Miscellaneous (Other Restoration-Based Denominations), English.
Monongahela, Pennsylvania, USA. The Church of Jesus Christ (Bickertonite); V. James Lovalvo; Clifford A. Burgess; Sadie B. Cadman.
1919. 1998, 6th Edition (current). 498 songs.

Published by The Church of Jesus Christ (Bickertonite, based in Monongahela, Pennsylvania), a Restoration-based denomination.



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1. The Gospel Restored

2. Marching on the King’s Highway

3. According to Thy Gracious Word

4. Let Your Light So Shine

5. How Long Wilt Thou Forget?

6. Longing for the Gathering

7. The Day Is Past and Gone

Words: John Leland

Music: Unknown

8. How Happy Are They

Words: Charles Wesley

Music: Unknown

9. Fear Not, Brethren

10. Someone Will Go

11. An Angel Came Down

Words: William W. Phelps

Music: Unknown

12. O Who That Has Searched

Words: Parley P. Pratt

Music: Unknown

13. The Spirit of God Like a Fire Is Burning

Words: William W. Phelps

Music: Unknown

14. Oh, Can It Be?

15. When Earth in Bondage

Words: Parley P. Pratt

Music: Unknown

16. Once in a Lowly Manger

17. God Moves in a Mysterious Way

Words: William Cowper

Music: Unknown

18. How Will the Saints Rejoice to Tell

Words: Charles Wesley

Music: Unknown

19. The Time Is Far Spent

Words: Eliza R. Snow

Music: Unknown

20. Hail to the Lord’s Anointed

Words: James Montgomery

Music: Unknown

21. Jesus, in Thy Father’s Mansion

22. Jesus Is Passing By

23. I’ll Praise My Maker

Words: Isaac Watts

Music: Unknown

24. Be Loyal to Jesus

25. Praise Ye the Lord

Words: Isaac Watts

Music: Unknown

26. O How We Should Honor Him

27. The Mercies of God

28. Where the Day Has No End

29. In Old Gethsemane

30. Now Let Us Rejoice

Words: William W. Phelps

Music: Unknown

31. Let Us Pray, Gladly Pray

Words: William W. Phelps

Music: Unknown

32. He Lives

33. Yes, We Trust the Day Is Breaking

Words: Thomas Kelly

Music: Unknown

34. Help Somebody To-Day

35. Hark! Listen to the Trumpeters

Words: John A. Granade

Music: Unknown

36. Where Dreams Come True

37. There’s a New Day Dawning

38. Turn Us Again, Lord

39. All Hail to Christ

40. When Satan Appears

41. Jesus Remembered You

42. Who Are These Arrayed in White

Words: De Courcy; Charles Wesley

Music: Unknown

43. Christ Receiveth Sinful Men

44. In the Service of the King

45. Jesus and I

46. Only Shadows

47. When Shall We All Meet Again?

Words: Parley P. Pratt

Music: Unknown

48. Would You Dare

49. Feeble Man, a Voice is Calling

50. Christmas Lullaby

51. O Paradise

52. He’ll Drive All the Shadows Away

53. How Sweet to Reflect

54. The Day Without a Cloud

55. My Hope Is Built

56. How Glorious Will Be the Morning

Words: Unknown

Music: Unknown

57. In the Garden with Jesus

58. The Prince of Salvation Is Coming

59. Where the Gates Swing Outward Never

60. Farewell, All Earthly Honors

Words: Mary W. Bone

Music: Unknown

61. Think of His Love for You

62. I Know That My Redeemer Lives

Words: Samuel Medley

Music: Unknown

63. Throw Out the Life-Line

64. There’s a Sweet and Precious Story

65. An Angel from on High

Words: Parley P. Pratt

Music: Unknown

66. We Have an Anchor

67. Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus

68. I Ought to Do Something for Jesus

69. The Trysting Place of Prayer

70. Never Alone!

71. Children of Zion

Words: Unknown

Music: Unknown

72. Some Day

73. There’s a Feast of Good Things

Words: William W. Phelps

Music: Unknown

74. Except the Lord Conduct the Plan

Words: Charles Wesley

Music: Unknown

75. What Must It Be to Be There!

76. He Is Mine

77. I Have No Home, Where Shall I Go?

Words: Lucy Mack Smith

Music: Unknown

78. There’s a Rainbow Shining Somewhere

79. Vail, Delusive World, Adieu

80. If Jesus Goes with Me

81. Rejoice, Ye Saints of Latter Days

Words: Sacred Hymns, Emma Smith, 1841

Music: Unknown

82. Wonderful Peace

83. The Gospel of Love

84. All Hail, Immanuel!

85. Jesus Set the World to Singing

86. O God, Give Strength

Words: Hymns and Spiritual Songs, Bickerton, 1855

Music: Unknown

87. There Shall Be Showers of Blessing

88. All Hail the Glorious Day

Words: Joel H. Johnson

Music: Unknown

89. I Know Whom I Have Believed

90. Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken

Words: John Newton

Music: Unknown

91. I Long to Behold Him

Words: Charles Wesley

Music: Unknown

92. When Mothers in Salem

93. The Church’s One Foundation

Words: Samuel J. Stone

Music: Unknown

94. I Saw a Mighty Angel Fly

Words: Sacred Hymns, Manchester, 1840

Music: Unknown

95. Sleep, Little Jesus

96. Will Jesus Find Us Watching?

97. My Soul’s Full of Glory

98. One There Is Above All Others

99. Twenty-Third Psalm

Words: Francis Rous

Music: Unknown

100. What Would We Do Without Jesus?

101. Lead Me, Saviour

102. Have You Told Any One About Jesus?

103. Thou Mighty to Save

104. O Morning Land

105. Hold the Fort

106. I Will Sing You a Song

107. Praise Him! Praise Him!

108. In All My Lord’s Appointed Ways

109. Sun of My Soul

110. Heartaches

111. A Memory

112. Some Day He’ll Make It Plain

113. My God, I Am Thine

Words: Charles Wesley

Music: Unknown

114. On the Mountain Tops

Words: Michael Bruce

Music: Unknown

115. Standing on the Promises

116. Crown Him with Many Crowns

Words: Matthew Bridges

Music: Unknown

117. Before Jehovah’s Sacred Throne

Words: Isaac Watts

Music: Unknown

118. Happy the Souls That First Believed

Words: Charles Wesley

Music: Unknown

119. Break Thou the Bread of Life

120. Amazing Grace

Words: John Newton

Music: Unknown

121. Nearer, My God, to Thee

Words: Sarah F. Adams

Music: Unknown

122. A New Name in Glory

123. Jesus Is Near

124. A Holy Angel from on High

Words: Parley P. Pratt

Music: Unknown

125. Gently He Leads Us

126. Good Night and Good Morning

127. Come and Dine

128. It Is Morning in My Heart

129. It Is Well with My Soul

Words: Horatio Spafford

Music: Unknown

130. Love Divine, All Loves Excelling

Words: Charles Wesley

Music: Unknown

131. Sunlight, Sunlight

132. Let the Sunshine In

133. Willing to Take the Cross

134. Savior, Blessed Savior

135. God Understands

136. Land of My Dreams

137. In Thee Do I Live

138. Somebody Else Needs Him, Too

139. Ring the Bells of Heaven

140. Tell Others of Jesus

141. Jesus Is So Wonderful

142. How Can I Ever Sufficiently Praise Him?

143. Safely Through Another Week

144. Onward, Christian Soldiers!

Words: Sabine Baring-Gould

Music: Unknown

145. Ye Must Be Born Again

146. When I Get to the End of the Way

147. Sunrise

148. Wait, and Murmur Not

149. The Pearly-White City

150. Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation

151. Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd

Words: Mary B. Wingate

Music: Unknown

152. We’ll Never Say Good-By

153. The Handwriting on the Wall

154. Blessed Be the Name

Words: Charles Wesley

Music: Unknown

155. Awakening Chorus

156. The Christ of the Galilee Road

157. Just As I Am

158. Calvary

159. The Christ of the Cross

160. Dwelling in Beulah Land

161. Jesus Saves

162. Remember

163. We Shall Shine as the Stars

164. The Way of the Cross Leads Home

165. When the Saints Are Marching In

166. I’ll Stand by You

167. I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say

168. In the Garden

Words: C. Austin Miles

Music: Unknown

169. He Keeps on Loving Us Still

170. Then Jesus Came

171. Living for Jesus

172. He’s a Wonderful Savior to Me

173. Walking in the King’s Highway

174. Somebody Cares

175. The Peace That My Savior Has Given

176. His Face in the Storm

177. Our Church

178. Back of the Clouds

179. Shall We Meet?

Words: Horace L. Hastings

Music: Unknown

180. Chiefest of Ten Thousand

181. I’m a Pilgrim

182. Give of Your Best to the Master

183. America the Beautiful

Words: Katherine Lee Bates

Music: Unknown

184. The Star-Spangled Banner

Words: Francis Scott Key

Music: Unknown

185. My Country, ’Tis of Thee

Words: Samuel F. Smith

Music: Unknown

186. Oh, It Is Wonderful

Words: Charles H. Gabriel

Music: Unknown

187. Just a Whispered Prayer

188. Ere You Left Your Room

Words: Mary A. Pepper Kidder

Music: Unknown

189. Sunshine in the Soul

Words: Eliza E. Hewitt

Music: Unknown

190. How Firm a Foundation

Words: Selection of Hymns, John Rippon, 1787; Robert Keen

Music: Unknown

191. Lord, Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing

Words: John Fawcett; Walter Shirley

Music: Unknown

192. In Ancient Days Me Feared the Lord

Words: Parley P. Pratt

Music: Unknown

193. Calling the Prodigal

194. Jesus Is Real to Me

195. Till the Morning

196. Farewell, Ye Servants of the Lord

Words: Parley P. Pratt

Music: Unknown

197. Singing Along the Way

198. Dear Lord, Forgive

199. My Redeemer

200. Thou Shepherd of Israel, and Mine

Words: Charles Wesley

Music: Unknown

201. If Your Heart Keeps Right

202. The Child of a King

203. One Sweetly Solemn Thought

Words: Phoebe Cary

Music: Unknown

204. Am I a Soldier of the Cross

Words: Isaac Watts

Music: Unknown

205. Speak, My Lord

206. Follow Me

207. We Shall Always Be Happy Over There

208. Work, for the Night Is Coming

209. Wonderful Morning

210. Jesus Is Always There

211. Tell It Again

212. Some One

213. My Saviour’s Love

214. Somebody Knows

215. O Think of the Home Over There

216. God’s Tomorrow

217. One Day

218. I Would Be Like Jesus

219. Going Home

220. God Bless You Everyone

221. Brighten the Corner Where You Are

222. Some Bright Morning

223. You Must Open the Door

224. Dear Little Stranger

Words: Charles H. Gabriel

Music: Unknown

225. The Sun Will Shine Again

226. The World Needs a Friend Like Jesus

227. Why Not Accept Him Now?

228. Up Calvary’s Hill

229. Love Lifted Me

230. The Lily of the Valley

231. Moment by Moment

232. Bringing in the Sheaves

233. The Blessed Old Story Is True

234. Saved to the Uttermost

235. Jesus Set My Heart to Singing

236. What Was Witnessed in the Heavens?

Words: John S. Davis

Music: Unknown

237. More Like the Master

238. Lead Me to Calvary

239. Won’t You Come Back Home?

240. Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

241. The Mystery of Grace

242. Somebody’s Praying for You

243. Have You Been to Jesus?

244. O, What a Joy I Find in This

245. Lehi by Faith Was Warned of God

246. When Jesus Christ Was Here Below

247. Have You Counted the Cost?

248. Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah

Words: William Williams

Music: Unknown

249. To the Work

250. I Would Be True

251. We’re Not of the World

252. How Blest the Sacred Tie That Binds

253. When the World Forgets

254. O Jesus, I Have Promised

255. Take My Life, and Let It Be

Words: Frances R. Havergal

Music: Unknown

256. Revive Us Again

257. Tell It to Jesus

258. Sail On!

259. How Pleasing to Behold and See

Words: John Dobell

Music: Unknown

260. ’Twas on That Dark

Words: Isaac Watts

Music: Unknown

261. How Fleet the Precious Moments Roll

Words: Parley P. Pratt

Music: Unknown

262. Master, the Tempest Is Raging

Words: Mary Ann Baker

Music: Unknown

263. The Fight Is On

264. Rock of Ages

Words: Augustus M. Toplady

Music: Unknown

265. Sweet Peace, the Gift of God’s Love

266. God’s Way

267. At the Cross

Words: Isaac Watts

Music: Unknown

268. Higher Ground

269. The Last Mile of the Way

270. The Haven of Rest

271. Sweeter as the Years Go By

272. Alone

273. Sound the Battle Cry

274. Is Your All on the Altar?

275. Are You Coming Home Tonight?

276. Why Do You Wait?

277. Adieu to the City

Words: Parley P. Pratt

Music: Unknown

278. Lord, in the Morning

Words: Isaac Watts

Music: Unknown

279. Jesus, My All, to Heaven Is Gone

280. Jesus Took My Burden

281. There Is Power in the Blood

282. Still Sweeter Every Day

283. Take the Name of Jesus with You

Words: Lydia O. Baxter

Music: Unknown

284. Ye Slumbering Nations

Words: Unknown

Music: Unknown

285. O, for a Heart

286. Ye Who Are Called to Labor

Words: Mary Judd Page

Music: Unknown

287. When Morning Dawns

288. He Died! The Great Redeemer Died

Words: Isaac Watts

Music: Unknown

289. Make Me a Blessing

290. Sweet Hour of Prayer

Words: William W. Walford

Music: Unknown

291. God Be with You

Words: Jeremiah E. Rankin

Music: Unknown

292. Face to Face

293. There’s a Song in the Air

Words: Josiah G. Holland

Music: Unknown

294. Silent Night

Words: Joseph Mohr

Music: Unknown

295. While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks

Words: Nahum Tate

Music: Unknown

296. Hark! the Herald Angels Sing

Words: Charles Wesley

Music: Unknown

297. O Come, All Ye Faithful

Words: Latin hymn, 18th century; John F. Wade

Music: Unknown

298. It Came upon the Midnight Clear

Words: Edmund H. Sears

Music: Unknown

299. Joy to the World!

Words: Isaac Watts

Music: Unknown

300. O Little Town of Bethlehem

Words: Phillips Brooks

Music: Unknown

301. I Am Praying for You

302. Faith Is the Victory

303. Hark, the Voice of Jesus Calling

304. Open My Eyes That I May See

305. Shall We Gather at the River

Words: Robert Lowry

Music: Unknown

306. Count Your Blessings

Words: Johnson Oatman Jr.

Music: Unknown

307. He Lifted Me

308. When You Know Jesus, Too

309. He Keeps Me Singing

310. Whiter Than Snow

311. Jesus Paid It All

312. Jesus Has Loved Me

313. Come to the Savior

Words: George F. Root

Music: Unknown

314. Only Trust Him

315. Fade, Fade, Each Earthly Joy

316. Saviour, Thy Dying Love

317. I Need Thee Every Hour

Words: Annie S. Hawks

Music: Unknown

318. Pass Me Not

Words: Fanny J. Crosby

Music: Unknown

319. He Whispered Love’s Message to Me

320. Tell Me the Story of Jesus

321. On Jordan’s Stormy Banks

Words: Samuel Stennett

Music: Unknown

322. “Whosoever Will”

323. Saviour, More Than Life

324. I Am Thine, O Lord