Songs published in Hymnals and Songbooks
Youth – English

This chart shows all of the songs that have been published in Hymnals and Songbooks (English). You can sort by their English text name, or by a given collection, by clicking on the column headers.

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Sort by: Title Count Improvement Association Song Book, 1887 Y. M. M. I. A. and Missionary Hymn and Tune Book, 1899 M. I. A. Songs and Sociability Songs, 1928 Aaronic Priesthood Choruses, 1945 Hymns and Songs of the M. I. A., 1948 Recreational Songs, 1949 Favorite Seminary Songs, 1961 MIA Let’s Sing, 1962 Beehive Songs, 1965 MIA Let’s Sing, No. 2, 1968 The Mormon Pioneers: The Quest (Songbook), 1977 A Song of the Heart, 1978 Music of the Mormons, 1978 Gates of Zion (Songbook), 1979 Like Unto Us (Songbook), 1980 Not of the World (Songbook), 1984 Free to Choose (Songbook), 1987 Hold to the Rod (Songbook), 1988
A Daughter of My Heavenly Father 1 x
A Family Is Forever 1 x
A Kiss 1 x
A Lamp unto Your Feet 1 x
A Little at a Time 1 x
A Merry Life 2 x x
A Mormon Boy 1 x
A New Beginning 1 x
A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief 2 x x
A ram sam sam 1 x
A smile is quite a funny thing 1 x
A Song of Joy 1 x
A Swiss Walking Song 2 x x
A time of beginning 1 x
A young lad stands 1 x
Abide with Me! 1 x
Abide with Me; ’Tis Eventide 1 x
Across the Plains of Eternity 1 x
Aerey, Aerey, Ierey-O 1 x
After the Ball 1 x
Ah, how you dance 1 x
All Hail the Glorious Day 2 x x
All I want is sociability 1 x
All in a wood there grew a tree 1 x
All Kinds of Room in My Heart 1 x
All Through the Night 3 x x x
All together, all together 1 x
Allelujah, Allelujah! To God sing praises 1 x
Alouette 2 x x
Always True! 1 x
America the Beautiful 5 x x x x x
An Angel from on High 2 x x
An M. I. A. Marching Song 1 x
Angels We Have Heard on High 1 x
Angry Words! Oh, Let Them Never 2 x x
Annie Darling 1 x
Annie Laurie 2 x x
Anvil Chorus 1 x
Are You Sleeping? 3 x x x
Arise! arise! with joy survey 1 x
Arizona 1 x
Around the Campfire 1 x
As Beehive girls in prayer 1 x
As bees build hives 1 x
As I was a-walking one morning for pleasure 1 x
As Swiftly My Days Go Out On the Wing (Rock of my Refuge) 1 x
As the Dew from Heaven Distilling 1 x
As the Rose 1 x
As We Hold Our Banners High 2 x x
At home or abroad, or while climbing the steep 1 x
At the Spring I Have Tasted 1 x
Auld Lang Syne 3 x x x
Aura Lee 1 x
Away in a Manger 1 x
Battle Hymn of the Republic 4 x x x x
Be a honey 1 x
Be true to thyself, in the right never falter 1 x
Beautiful Darling 1 x
Beautiful Dreamer 1 x
Beautiful Kahana 1 x
Beautiful Zion, Built Above 2 x x
Beautiful Zion for Me 1 x
Bee Hive Joys 2 x x
Bee Hive Round 1 x
Bee-Hive Paths 1 x
Behold! A Royal Army 1 x
Behold Thy Handmaiden 1 x
Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms 1 x
Bells of Aberdovey 1 x
Bells of Freedom 1 x
Bendemeer’s Stream 1 x
Benediction 1 x
Beyond the Promises of Time 1 x
Billy Boy 1 x
Black-Eyed Susan! 2 x x
Blossom by blossom 1 x
Blow gently, ye wild winds with frost in your breath 1 x
Brighter Days in Store 2 x x
Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy 1 x
Bring the Wagon Home, John 2 x x
Buttercup 1 x
By the Power of His Word 1 x
Came a-riding on a day 1 x
Camptown Races 1 x
Canoe Round 1 x
Carol of the Shepherds (Come, All Ye Shepherds) 1 x
Carry Me Back to Old Virginny 1 x
Carry On 4 x x x x
Cease, ye fond parents, cease to weep 1 x
Cheer Up 2 x x
Chew, chew, chew your food 1 x
Choices 1 x
Choose the Right 2 x x
Christ the Lord Is Risen Today 2 x x
Christmas bells are ringing clear 1 x
Circle of Friendship 1 x
Closing Hymn 1 x
Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean 1 x
Come, All Ye Saints of Zion 3 x x x
Come, All Ye Sons of God 1 x
Come and Enjoy Life 1 x
Come Away Now 1 x
Come, Come, Ye Saints 5 x x x x x
Come, Follow 2 x x
Come, Follow Me 1 x
Come, Hail the Cause of Zion’s Youth 3 x x x
Come in, you’re late 1 x
Come, Lasses and Lads 1 x
Come, Let Us Anew 1 x
Come Let Us Be Gay 1 x
Come, O Thou King of Kings 1 x
Come Take a Little Hand 1 x
Come, Thou Almighty King 1 x
Come, Thou Glorious Day of Promise 1 x
Come unto Jesus 1 x
Come, Ye Children of the Lord 2 x x
Come, Ye Thankful People 1 x
Come You, Here, Laddie 1 x
Comin’ ’Thro’ the Rye 1 x
Comrades in the M. I. A. 3 x x x
Count Your Blessings 1 x
Counting from twenty-one 1 x
Country Gardens 1 x
Coventry Carol (Lullay, Thou Little Tiny Child) 1 x
Create an Atmosphere 1 x
Crocodile Song 1 x
Daddy, I’m a Mormon 1 x
Daisy Bell 1 x
Damper Song 1 x
Dance and Sing 1 x
Dark are the night’s drear shadows 1 x
Dark the battle clouds are closing 1 x
Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron 1 x
David’s Theme 1 x
Day of Delight 1 x
Deacon’s Song 1 x
Dear M. I. A. 1 x
Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd 1 x
Deck the Halls 1 x
Deep River 1 x
Derry Ding Ding Dason 1 x
Destiny 1 x
Dickory, Dickory, Dock 1 x
Did You Think to Pray? 2 x x
Dinga, Dinga, Doodle 1 x
Dixie Land 2 x x
Do What Is Right 4 x x x x
Do You Know I’m Here? 1 x
Donkeys are in love with carrots 1 x
Don’t Go Away and Leave Me 1 x
Don’t You Marry the Mormon Boys 2 x x
Down in Mobile 1 x
Down in the Lower Land 1 x
Down in the Valley 1 x
Down the shadowed lane 1 x
Down Where the Watermelons Grow 1 x
Downright, Upright 1 x
Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes 2 x x
Duck, duckling 1 x
Each campfire lights anew 1 x
Echo Canyon 2 x x
Emmental Song 1 x
Especially for Me 1 x
Evalina Dear 2 x x
Explorer Hiking Song 2 x x
Far, Far Away on Judea’s Plains 3 x x x
Farewell, All Earthly Honors 1 x
Farewell to Thee 1 x
Father, Lead Me Gently with Thy Love 1 x
Fighting For Right 1 x
Flow gently, sweet Afton 1 x
Follow His Way 1 x
For Health and Strength 1 x
For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow 2 x x
For the Beauty of the Earth 1 x
For the Gospel plan 1 x
For the Strength of the Hills 2 x x
For Victory 1 x
Free to Choose 1 x
Friends 1 x
Friendship 1 x
Gently 1 x
Gladly Meeting 1 x
Gladness costs you not a thing 1 x
Gleaner Girls and M Men 1 x
Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken 2 x x
Glory to God on High 2 x x
Go Tell It on the Mountain 1 x
Go well and safely 1 x
God Be with You Till We Meet Again 1 x
God Bless Our Mountain Home 2 x x
God Is Love 3 x x x
God Moves in a Mysterious Way 1 x
God of Our Fathers, Whose Almighty Hand 3 x x x
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen 1 x
God Save the King 1 x
God Speed the Right 2 x x
Golden Gleaner Theme Song 1 x
Golden Gleaner’s Prayer 1 x
Gone to bed is the setting sun 1 x
Good Bye, My Lover, Good-Bye 1 x
Good Evening Mr. Scout 1 x
Good Fellows 1 x
Good King Wenceslas 1 x
Good Morning 1 x
Good Night 3 x x x
Good-night, good-night as stars glimmer bright 1 x
Good-Night, Ladies 2 x x
Goodbye, Old Paint 1 x
Gospel Teachings Guard Our Footsteps 1 x
Grand and noble, nature’s bulwarks 1 x
Grandfather’s Clock 1 x
Great Is the Lord 1 x
Greensleeves 2 x x
Guide Me to Thee 2 x x
Guide Us, O Thou Great Jehovah 4 x x x x
Ha he ho 1 x
Hail, hail, Scouting Spirit 1 x
Hail Prophet Joseph 1 x
Hail to the Brightness of Zion’s Glad Morning! 1 x
Hallelujah, Hallelujah 1 x
Happy days to all those that we love! 1 x
Hark! Hark! the Lark! 1 x
Hark, I Hear a Voice 2 x x
Hark! The Evening Hymn Is Stealing 1 x
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 2 x x
Hark! ye mortals. Hist! be still 2 x x
Harmony Greeting 1 x
Have I Done Any Good? 1 x
Have You Heard the Story of Harry? 1 x
He Died! The Great Redeemer Died 1 x
He Is Born, the Divine Christ Child 1 x
He Met Her on the Stairs 1 x
Hear and Hearken 1 x
Hear the voice of the angels! ’tis echoed on earth 1 x
Hearts and homes, sweet words of pleasure 1 x
Hearts That Understand 1 x
Heave Ho 1 x
Heav’n, Heav’n 1 x
Heigh Ho! 1 x
Hello Bee Hive 1 x
Here We Come A Caroling 1 x
Here We Have Idaho 1 x
He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands 1 x
Hidden in My Heart 1 x
High ho for Scouting oh 1 x
High on the Mountain Top 3 x x x
Hiking Song 1 x
Hiking To Victory 1 x
His Design 1 x
Hit the Line 1 x
Ho! Every Sleeper Waken 2 x x
Home on the Range 2 x x
Home, Sweet Home 3 x x x
Honest and Truthfully Yours 1 x
Hope of Israel 4 x x x x
How are Thy servants blest, O Lord! 1 x
How can I bear to leave thee 1 x
How can I bear to leave thee 1 x
How Can I Leave Thee? 1 x
How Do You Do 2 x x
How Firm a Foundation 4 x x x x
How Gentle God’s Commands 1 x
How Great the Wisdom and the Love 2 x x
How, how do you do 1 x
How Much Is It Worth? 1 x
How Shall I Live? 1 x
Howd’y 1 x
Hum Your Favorite Hymn 1 x
Humanity, with a mighty hope 1 x
I Alone, I Alone 1 x
I Can See Her Face 1 x
I Dare To Be His Soldier 1 x
I Don’t Feel It Anymore 1 x
I dream of a home in the valley 1 x
I Feel the Answer 1 x
I Have It, Why Not Share It 1 x
I have lost the Do of my clarinet 1 x
I Have Work Enough to Do 1 x
I Have You, Yes I Do 1 x
I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day 2 x x
I Know That My Redeemer Lives 1 x
I Like to Hear that Word “Hello” 1 x
I like to take a horse and buggy 1 x
I Love the Mountains 1 x
I love to wander in the mountains 1 x
I Love You California 1 x
I Need Thee Every Hour 1 x
I Stand All Amazed 1 x
I Wake Up in the Morning 1 x
I Wandered Many Years 1 x
I Want to Be Loved 1 x
I Want to Change 1 x
I Will Sing a Lullaby 1 x
I will sing you a song of the old Singing School 1 x
I wish I was an apple 1 x
I wish I were a little sugar bun 1 x
I’d Like to Feel This Way Again 1 x
If in the days of Abraham 1 x
If the Way be Full of Trial, Weary Not 1 x
If You’re Happy 1 x
I’ll Build You a Rainbow 1 x
I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go 3 x x x
I’m Glad I’m Me 1 x
I’m goin’ to leave Ol’ Texas now 1 x
I’m just a poor wayfaring stranger 2 x x
Improve the Shining Moments 3 x x x
In His Own Time 1 x
In the Evening by the Moonlight 2 x x
In the Gloaming 2 x x
In the good old summertime 1 x
In the Silver Moonlight 1 x
In the Time of Roses 1 x
In the work of the Lord there is pleasure to gain 1 x
Infant Holy, Infant Lowly 1 x
Is Your Mother Home, Molly Maloney? 1 x
Israel, Israel, God Is Calling 1 x
It Came upon the Midnight Clear 2 x x
It isn’t any trouble 1 x
It Takes Two 1 x
It’s a good time to get acquainted 1 x
It’s Howdy in the Morning 1 x
It’s Up to Me 1 x
Jacob’s Ladder 1 x
Jesus, Once of Humble Birth 2 x x
Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee 1 x
Jesus walked this lonesome valley 1 x
Jingle, Bells 2 x x
John Brown’s baby 1 x
John Brown’s Chevy 1 x
John Johnson’s Army 1 x
John Peel 2 x x
Jolly Old Saint Nicholas 1 x
Joseph 1 x
Joseph, Dearest Joseph Mine 1 x
Joseph Smith’s First Prayer 3 x x x
Joy to the World 2 x x
Juanita 2 x x
Junior Hiking Song 2 x x
Junior Roses 1 x
Juniors of M. I. A. 2 x x
Just a Boy 1 x
Keep singing, singing, singing 1 x
Keep the Campfires Burning 1 x
Kind and loving Father 1 x
Kingdom Coming 1 x
Know This, That Every Soul Is Free 1 x
Kookaburra 1 x
Kumbaya 1 x
La Luisella 1 x
Lazy Robin 1 x
Learning is our noble aim 1 x
Learning More of Love 1 x
Let Me Soar 1 x
Let the hills resound 1 x
Let Us All Press On 2 x x
Let Us Endeavor 1 x
Let us go walking together 1 x
Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words 2 x x
Let us sing glad, happy songs together 1 x
Let Us Sing Together 1 x
Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise 1 x
Let’s be beginning 1 x
Let’s sing in the morning 1 x
Levee Song 3 x x x
Life is a loom 1 x
Like Unto Us 1 x
List to the Bells 1 x
Listen to the Echo 1 x
Listen to the Mocking-Bird 1 x
Listen Well 1 x
Little Annie Rooney 2 x x
Little Jack Horner 1 x
Little Liza Jane 2 x x
Little Peter Rabbit 1 x
Little Sir Echo 1 x
Little Things 1 x
Little Tommy Tinker 2 x x
Lo, Shepherds, Slumber Not 1 x
Loch Lomond 1 x
London bridge is falling down 1 x
Londonderry Air 2 x x
Lonesome Roving Wolves 2 x x
Long, Long Ago 2 x x
Long, Long Ago 1 x
Long Long Trail 1 x
Long May He Live 3 x x x
Long-Legged Sailor 1 x
Look Inside 1 x
Look! On the mountain’s blue height 1 x
Look to God and Live 1 x
Lord, Accept Our True Devotion 3 x x x
Lord, Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing 1 x
Love at Home 4 x x x x
Love’s Old Sweet Song 3 x x x
Lullaby 1 x
M. I. A., We Hail Thee 3 x x x
Make New Friends 1 x
Make the Rafters Ring 1 x
Make the World Brighter 1 x
March of the Men of Harlech 1 x
Marianina 1 x
Master, the Tempest Is Raging 1 x
Men Of Courage 1 x
Merrily, Merrily! 2 x x
Michael Finnegan 1 x
’Mid scenes of confusion and creature complaints 1 x
Mistress Shady 1 x
Molly Malone 1 x
More Holiness Give Me 1 x
Morning Comes Early 1 x
Morning has come, the board is spread 1 x
Morning, Noon, and Night 1 x
Music Alone Shall Live 1 x
Must I then 1 x
My Bambina 1 x
My blessed, glorious home of peace 1 x
My Bonnie 3 x x x
My Chum 1 x
My Country, ’Tis of Thee 4 x x x x
My Heart’s Choice 1 x
My Heart’s in Utah 1 x
My Object All Sublime 1 x
My Old Kentucky Home 2 x x
My Once upon a Time 1 x
Nay, Speak No Ill 2 x x
Nearer, My God, to Thee 1 x
’Neath Our Window 1 x
Night Song 1 x
Ninety-Nine Miles from Home 1 x
No farmer boy for me 1 x
Noah’s Ark 1 x
Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen 1 x
None Can Preach the Gospel Like the Mormons Do 2 x x
Not of the World 1 x
Now All the Woods Are Waking 1 x
Now Let Heaven and Earth Adore Thee 1 x
Now Let Us Rejoice 3 x x x
Now Thank We All Our God 1 x
Now the Day Is Over (Prayer for the Night) 3 x x x
O Awake! My Slumbering Minstrel 2 x x
O Canada 1 x
O Dad of Mine 1 x
O Holy Night 1 x
O Home Beloved 1 x
O, It’s Joy to be a Junior Girl 1 x
O Little Town of Bethlehem 3 x x x
O lovely, lovely Deseret 1 x
O Me! O My! 1 x
O music, sweet music 1 x
O My Father 3 x x x
O, my Father whom angels environ 1 x
O No, John! 1 x
O Shenandoah 1 x
O Ye Mountains High 1 x
Oh, Boys, Carry Me ’Long 1 x
Oh bury me not on the lone prairie 1 x
Oh, Charlie Is My Darling 1 x
Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful 3 x x x
Oh! Dear! What Can the Matter Be? 1 x
Oh, Gone Is Happiness 1 x
Oh, holy Christmas morning 1 x
Oh, Holy Words of Truth and Love 1 x
Oh, How Lovely Is the Evening 3 x x x
Oh, I went to Peter’s flowing spring 1 x
Oh, it’s Great to Belong to the M. I. A. 1 x
Oh, My Darling Clementine 1 x
Oh, Never Say Fail 1 x
Oh Say, What Is Truth? 4 x x x x
Oh, slow up dogies 1 x
Oh! Susanna 2 x x
Oh, the Bee Hive Girls Are Hiking 1 x
Oh, What Songs of the Heart 1 x
Old Ark’s A-Moverin’ 1 x
Old Black Joe 2 x x
Old Chisholm Trail 1 x
Old Folks at Home (Suwannee River) 2 x x
Old Town of Mine 1 x
Old Zack he came to Utah 1 x
Ompa 1 x
On foot I gaily take my way 1 x
On Lovely Susquehanna’s Banks 1 x
On My Honor 1 x
On the Banks of Allan Water 1 x
On the Way to California 1 x
On top of old Smoky 1 x
Once I Lived in Cottonwood 3 x x x
Onward, Christian Soldiers 4 x x x x
Opposition 1 x
Orchestra 1 x
Oregon, My Oregon 1 x
Our banners to the breeze unfurled 1 x
Our Boys Will Shine 3 x x x
Our M. I. A. Leads On 1 x
Our Mountain Home So Dear 3 x x x
Our Prayer 1 x
Our Seminary Prayer 1 x
Pain’s furnace-heat within me quivers 1 x
Passing By 1 x
Paul let his chickens run 1 x
Peace I ask of thee, O River 1 x
Perfect Posture 2 x x
Peter Piper 1 x
Planting rice is never fun 1 x
Polly Oliver 1 x
Polly-Wolly-Doodle 2 x x
Praise 1 x
Praise and thanksgiving 1 x
Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow 2 x x
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty 1 x
Praise to the Man 2 x x
Prayer Is the Soul’s Sincere Desire 1 x
Prayer of Thanksgiving 1 x
Prepare The Way 1 x
Pretty Saro 1 x
Priesthood of God 1 x
Promises 1 x
Proudly as the eagle Wings his flight on high 1 x
Proudly riding the crest of ocean billow 1 x
Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel 1 x
Quest 1 x
Rally Song 1 x
Red River Valley 2 x x
Redeemer of Israel 3 x x x
Rejoice, the Lord Is King! 1 x
Remembered No More 1 x
Rest, Rest for the Weary Soul 2 x x
Reuben and Rachel 2 x x
Rheumatism 2 x x
Rig-A-Jig 2 x x
Ring Out, Wild Bells 1 x
Rio Grande 2 x x
Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep 1 x
Root Hog or Die 2 x x
Rose of my heart 1 x
Roselie 1 x
Round the Campfire 1 x
Row, Row, Row Your Boat 1 x
Russian Round 1 x
Sacred Spots 1 x
Sag Vreneli, Sag Vreneli 1 x
Sailing 1 x
Sakura 1 x
Santa Lucia 2 x x
Scatter Seeds of Kindness 1 x
Scatter Sunshine 1 x
School Thy Feelings 2 x x
Scotland’s Burning 1 x
Scout Prayer Song 1 x
Scout Vespers 1 x
Scouting We Will Go 2 x x
Secret Prayer 1 x
See Now Who Is Coming Here 1 x
See, the Mighty Angel Flying 1 x
Seeing Nellie Home 1 x
Seeyahnah 1 x
Share It WIth You 1 x
Sharing 1 x
Sharing the Gospel 1 x
She’ll be coming ’round the mountain 1 x
Shepherds, Shake Off Your Drowsy Sleep 1 x
Shoo fly, don’t bother me 1 x
Short’nin Bread 1 x
Silent Night 4 x x x x
Silver and gold have I none 1 x
Sing, Glad Heart 1 x
Sing me a song to cheer my heart 1 x
Sing Noel, Sing Noel 1 x
Sing Praise to Him 2 x x
Sing, sing, sing in camp 1 x
Sing, sing together 1 x
Sing We Now In Loftier Vein 1 x
Sing Your Way Home 2 x x
Skip to My Lou 1 x
Slumber Song 1 x
Smile awhile and give your face a rest 1 x
Smile, O my Father 1 x
Softly Falls the Snow 1 x
Soldier, Soldier 1 x
Solomon Levi 2 x x
Some Folks 2 x x
Somewhere in Life 1 x
Song of Joy 2 x x
Song of the Islands 1 x
Song of Triumph 1 x
Sons of Zion 1 x
Speaky, Spiky Spoky 2 x x
Spinning Song 1 x
Spirit Divine of every land 1 x
Spring’s Arrival 1 x
St. George and the Drag-on 2 x x
Stars of the Summer Night 1 x
Start with a Smile 1 x
Steal away, steal away 1 x
Style All the While 2 x x
Summer Camp Song 1 x
Summer Is A Coming In 1 x
Susy, Little Susy 1 x
Sweet Adeline 1 x
Sweet and Low 2 x x
Sweet Genevieve 2 x x
Sweet Hour of Prayer 1 x