Songs published in Hymnals and Songbooks
Children – English

This chart shows all of the songs that have been published in Hymnals and Songbooks (English). You can sort by their English text name, or by a given collection, by clicking on the column headers.

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Sort by: Title Count Children’s Primary Hymn Book: Hymns and Songs, 1880 Children’s Primary Tune Book, 1880 Primary Speaker: Recitations for the Primary Associations, Book No. 2, 1882 Hymns and Sacred Songs for Children, 1888 Children’s Sunday School Hymn Book, 1896 Primary Song Book, 1905 Little Stories in Song, 1940 Primary Songs Selected for Missions, 1941 The Children Sing, 1951 Happy Songs to Sing, 1952 Sermons and Songs for Little Children, 1958 Sing with Me, 1969 Activity Songs and Verses, 1977 More Songs for Children, 1978 Supplement to More Songs for Children, 1982 Children’s Songbook, 1989
A Bunch of Golden Keys 1 x
A Call and Answer 2 x x
A Child’s Prayer 1 x
A Christmas Cantata 1 x
A district school 1 x
A Flower Song 2 x x
A Fun Song 1 x
A Glad Heart’s Song 1 x
A Hallowe’en Surprise 2 x x
A Happy Band of Children 4 x x x x
A Happy Family 2 x x
A Happy Helper 4 x x x x
A Happy New Year 2 x x
A Helper, Kind and Good 1 x
A jovial farmer boy I’ll be 1 x
A lily in a desert land 1 x
A Lullaby 1 x
A Mormon Boy 2 x x
A Prayer 1 x
A Prayer 4 x x x x
A Prayer Song 2 x x
A Precious Jewel 4 x x x x
A Ring on My Finger 1 x
A Sacramental Song 3 x x x
A Smile Is like the Sunshine 2 x x
A Song of Joy 1 x
A Song of Thanks 4 x x x x
A Special Gift Is Kindness 2 x x
A Story 1 x
A Stranger Star O’er Bethlehem 1 x
A Sunday School Call 2 x x
A Tiny Sunbeam 1 x
A Tree Grows Straight 1 x
A Walk on a Pleasant Day 1 x
A wasp met a bee that was just passing by 1 x
A word may seem a little thing 1 x
A Young Man Prepared 2 x x
Abide with Me! 1 x
Abou Ben Adhem 1 x
Accept the Tribute of Our Hearts 2 x x
Action Play 1 x
Adagio Cantabile (From the Sonata Pathetique—Opus 13) 1 x
Adagio from First Sonata 1 x
Adam-ondi-Ahman 2 x x
Air (Isaiah 40:11; Matthew 11:28–29) 2 x x
All hail my Sabbath schoolmates upon this festive day 1 x
All Things Bright and Beautiful 8 x x x x x x x x
All Through the Night 2 x x
Always Speak the Trith 1 x
Am I a soldier of the cross 2 x x
America the Beautiful 1 x
An Angel Came 1 x
An Angel Came to Joseph Smith 2 x x
An Angel from on High 1 x
An Evening Song 3 x x x
An Irish Melody 1 x
An old lady sat in her old arm-chair 1 x
Andante 1 x
Andante 1 x
Andante 1 x
Andante 1 x
Andantino 1 x
Andantino 1 x
Angel Whisperings to a Dying Child 2 x x
Angry Words! Oh, Let Them Never 1 x
Annie’s Sympathy 2 x x
Arietta 1 x
Around a table, strewn with books and toys 1 x
Around the throne of God, in heaven 2 x x
As a Little Child 2 x x
As I Eat the Broken Bread 1 x
As Swiftly My Days Go Out On the Wing (Rock of my Refuge) 2 x x
As their flocks the shepherds tended 1 x
At Closing Time 1 x
At Grandma’s and Grandpa’s House 1 x
At home or abroad, or while climbing the steep 1 x
At Sacrament Time (When the Quiet Music Plays) 1 x
At Twelve O’clock 1 x
Autumn 4 x x x x
Autumn Day 4 x x x x
Autumn Winds 1 x
Autumn Winds 1 x
Away in a Manger 4 x x x x
Babe of Bethlehem 1 x
Baby bye, here’s a fly 1 x
Baptism 2 x x
Baptism 1 x
Battle Hymn of the Republic 1 x
Be free from fear, have faith in him who leads us 1 x
Be Happy! 3 x x x
Be in Time 1 x
Be Kind 1 x
Be Polite 1 x
Be True to Yourself 1 x
Be you to others kind and true 1 x
Beautiful Mountain Home 1 x
Beautiful mountains, valleys fair 2 x x
Beautiful Savior 3 x x x
Beautiful Star 2 x x
Beautiful Zion, Built Above 4 x x x x
Beauty Everywhere 4 x x x x
Because God Loves Me 2 x x
Because It’s Spring 2 x x
Because We’re Mormons 2 x x
Before all lands in east or west 1 x
Before I Take the Sacrament 2 x x
Before You Make a Promise 1 x
Behold, the Mountain of the Lord 1 x
Ben Fisher had finished his hard day’s work 1 x
Beside the church door, a-weary and alone 1 x
Birds in the Tree 2 x x
Birds Move Their Wings 1 x
Birthday Pennies 1 x
Blazer Song 1 x
Bless the Children 3 x x x
Blest are the children who delight 2 x x
Bohemian Folk Song 1 x
Book of Mormon Stories 2 x x
Boys and Girls Like You 1 x
Break Not the Sabbath Day 2 x x
Brigham Young 1 x
Brownies and Witches 1 x
Builder Boys 1 x
Busy People 1 x
But the Lord Is Mindful of His Own 2 x x
Call Me 2 x x
Called to Serve 4 x x x x
Can a Little Child like Me? 5 x x x x x
Carol of the Birds 1 x
Carol of the Shepherds (Come, All Ye Shepherds) 3 x x x
Catch the Sunshine! 3 x x x
Chanson Triste 1 x
Charlie with Katie, his sister, played 1 x
Children All Over the World 2 x x
Children, children, raise your voices 1 x
Children do you love each other? 3 x x x
Children, Gladly Join and Sing 2 x x
Children, obey your parents 1 x
Children of the heavenly King 2 x x
Children of the Saints of God 1 x
Children of the Saints of Zion 4 x x x x
Children’s Day 1 x
Children’s Morning Song 1 x
Children’s Piece 1 x
Children’s Song 3 x x x
Choose the Right Way 2 x x
Christ and His Little Ones 3 x x x
Christ Is Risen 1 x
Christ the Lord Is Risen Today 1 x
Christmas Bells 2 x x
Christmas bells ring 1 x
Christmas Carol 2 x x
Christmas Cradle Song 4 x x x x
Christmas Eve 1 x
Christmas Eve 1 x
Christmas Gifts 1 x
Christmas Time Is Here 1 x
Cleaning Song 2 x x
Clocks and Watches 1 x
Closing Prayer 2 x x
Color Birds 1 x
Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean 1 x
Come, All Ye Saints of Zion 2 x x
Come Along, Come Along 2 x x
Come away to Sunday School 2 x x
Come Away to the Sunday School 2 x x
Come, beautiful Spring-time 1 x
Come, children, join with me and sing 1 x
Come, Children, Let Us Join and Sing 2 x x
Come, Come, Ye Saints 3 x x x
Come, Dear Children, Join and Sing 2 x x
Come, Follow Me 2 x x
Come gather, dear children, we’ll tenderly sing 1 x
Come, Join Our Celebration 2 x x
Come, join with me to sing and praise 2 x x
Come, Let Us Anew 3 x x x
Come, let us be happy together 1 x
Come, let us join with one accord 1 x
Come, Let Us One and All 2 x x
Come let us sing a gladsome song 1 x
Come, Rally in the Sunday School 2 x x
Come to Healthland 2 x x
Come with Me to Primary 1 x
Come with Tuneful Voices 1 x
Come, Ye Children of the Lord 2 x x
Copying Mother 1 x
Count Your Blessings 1 x
Covered Wagons 2 x x
Cradle Song 1 x
Cradle Song 1 x
Crossing the Prairie 2 x x
Crown of the lovely Junetide 1 x
Curiosity 1 x
Daddy 1 x
Daddy’s Homecoming 3 x x x
Dare to Do Right 6 x x x x x x
Dare to think, though others frown 1 x
Days of Spring 1 x
Dear Little Stranger 1 x
Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd 1 x
Dearest Children, God Is Near You 5 x x x x x
Dearest Jesus, may I be 1 x
Dearest Mother, I Love You 2 x x
December 1 x
Did Jesus Really Live Again? 2 x x
Did You Think to Pray? 3 x x x
Dismiss us, O Lord, with Thy favor and smile 1 x
Do As I’m Doing 2 x x
Do not indulge the gifted pen 1 x
Do What Is Right 5 x x x x x
Do you know how many stars 1 x
Don’t Envy the Boy 1 x
Don’t Give Up 1 x
Don’t Kill the Birds 3 x x x
Don’t run in debt 1 x
Don’t think there is nothing for children to do 1 x
Earth’s Fairest Flowers 1 x
Easter Hosanna 1 x
Every morning Ev’ry day in rain or shine 1 x
Every Star Is Different 1 x
Fairies’ and Elves’ March 1 x
Fairy Fiddles 1 x
Faith 2 x x
Faith, eternal, heavenly pow’r 1 x
Faith of Our Fathers 1 x
Falling Snow 2 x x
Families Can Be Together Forever 2 x x
Family History—I Am Doing It 1 x
Family Night 2 x x
Family Night Is Fun 1 x
Family Prayer 2 x x
Far, Far Away on Judea’s Plains 2 x x
Farewell, All Earthly Honors 2 x x
Farewell, dear friends and brethren 1 x
Father and first of Friends 1 x
Father and God our lives inspire 1 x
Father dear to Thee we pray 1 x
Father, hear us while we pray 1 x
Father, I Will Reverent Be 2 x x
Father, now the day is past 1 x
Father of all, in heaven above 1 x
Father of Life and Light 1 x
Father, Thou Who Carest 2 x x
Father, Thy Children to Thee Now Raise 3 x x x
Father Up Above 3 x x x
Father, We Thank Thee for the Night 5 x x x x x
Father, We Will Quiet Be 2 x x
Fathers 2 x x
Feliz Cumpleaños 2 x x
Fishes At Play 1 x
Five Little Children 1 x
Flag of the land that makes me free 1 x
Flowers 1 x
Flowers have been sleeping 1 x
Follow On! 1 x
Follow the Leader March 1 x
Follow the Prophet 1 x
For Health and Strength 2 x x
For Our Devotions, Father 2 x x
For the Beauty of the Earth 2 x x
For the Strength of the Hills 1 x
For Thy Bounteous Blessings 2 x x
Friends Are Fun 1 x
Fun to Do 2 x x
Gather Them into the Fold 3 x x x
Gather Up the Sunbeams 3 x x x
Gently now, angry brow 1 x
Gently Raise the Sacred Strain 1 x
German Song 1 x
Give Me the Joy of Living 2 x x
“Give,” Said the Little Stream 3 x x x
Give Us Room That We May Dwell 1 x
Glad Song 1 x
Gladly Meeting 6 x x x x x x
Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken 1 x
Glory to God on High 1 x
Glory to Thee, My God, This Night 2 x x
Go the Second Mile 1 x
Go to sleep Baby dear 1 x
Go When the Morning Shineth 3 x x x
God Bless Our Mountain Home 1 x
God Gave Me Dear America 2 x x
God Gave Us Our Earth 1 x
God Is Love 1 x
God Is Watching Over All 3 x x x
God Made Us All 1 x
God Make My Life a Little Light 1 x
God Moves in a Mysterious Way 1 x
God of Our Fathers, We Come unto Thee 2 x x
God Our Father Made the Night 3 x x x
God Speed the Right 1 x
God’s Creation 1 x
God’s Daily Care 2 x x
God’s Love 3 x x x
Gold and Tinsel 2 x x
Good Afternoon, Dear Little Friend 3 x x x
Good Morning 1 x
Good Morning 1 x
Good morning, Good morning, sweet children so dear 1 x
“Good morning, good morning,” to each one we say 1 x
Good morning to the sunshine fair 1 x
Good Night 1 x
Good Night, and Peace Be with You 1 x
Good night, good night, good night 1 x
Good-bye (I’ll See You on Tuesday) 3 x x x
Good-bye, now, to you 1 x
Grand and noble, nature’s bulwarks 1 x
Grandma 1 x
Grandmother 1 x
Grandmother’s Old-Fashioned Garden 2 x x
Gratitude 1 x
Great Shepherd of the sheep 2 x x
Growth 1 x
Guide Me to Thee 1 x
Had I Been a Child 1 x
Hail, Columbia! 1 x
Hail to the night when erst on Judah’s plain 1 x
Happy Children 1 x
Happy Children 1 x
Happy, Happy Birthday 2 x x
Happy New Year! 1 x
Happy New Year 1 x
Happy People 1 x
Happy Song (Ducks in the Pond) 2 x x
Hark! Listen to the Music! 2 x x
Hark! Listen to the Trumpeters 1 x
Hark! On the highway of life a sound 1 x
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 1 x
Hark! The Pretty Birds are Singing 1 x
Hark! the whisp’rings of ten thousand tongues 1 x
Hark! ’tis the trump of Time that ushers in 1 x
Hark to the Classmates’ Song 2 x x
Haste to the Sunday School 2 x x
Have a Very Happy Birthday! 2 x x
Have a Very Merry Christmas! 1 x
“Have we guardian angels in this world of ours?” 1 x
Have you heard of the day when the Saviour came 1 x
Have you heard of the prophet-boy 1 x
He Died That We Might Live Again 2 x x
He Sent His Son 1 x
Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes 1 x
Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise 3 x x x
Hear the voice of the angels! ’tis echoed on earth 1 x
Hear Us Heavenly Father 1 x
Hear us Heavenly Father while we humbly pray 1 x
Hearts and homes, sweet words of pleasure 2 x x
Heavenly Father, Now I Pray 2 x x
Heavenly Father, While I Pray 2 x x
Heavenly Treasure 1 x
Heav’nly Father, while we eat 1 x
Heidenröslein 1 x
Hello, Friends! 2 x x
Hello Song 2 x x
Help Me, Dear Father 4 x x x x
Help Us, O God, to Understand 2 x x
Helping 1 x
Helping Papa and Mamma 1 x
Here we are! don’t leave us out 1 x
Here We Are Together 2 x x
Here We Come 2 x x
Here with cheerful strains we welcome 1 x
Hidden Treasures 1 x
High, Low 1 x
High up in the apple tree 1 x
Hinges 2 x x
His Promise 1 x
His young bride stood beside his bed 1 x
Home 1 x
Home 2 x x
Home Builders’ Song 1 x
Home, Sweet Home 1 x
Hope of Israel 4 x x x x
Hosanna 2 x x
Housekeeper’s March 1 x
How Dear to God Are Little Children 1 x
How Firm a Foundation 4 x x x x
How glorious is our heavenly King 1 x
How Great the Wisdom and the Love 3 x x x
How happy the Saints who are faithful and true 1 x
“How I love you, little maid!” 1 x
How Lovely Are the Messengers 2 x x
How soon youth’s flower of beauty fades 1 x
How sweet, how heavenly is the sight 1 x
How vast the wisdom, love and power 1 x
How Will They Know? 1 x
Hum Your Favorite Hymn 1 x
Hymn of Praise 1 x
Hymn of the Nations 1 x
I Am a Child of God 2 x x
I Am Glad for Many Things 2 x x
I Am Happy Today for the Sunshine 4 x x x x
I Am like a Star 2 x x
I Am Thankful for My Eyes 1 x
I Believe in Being Honest 1 x
I Dig 1 x
I Feel My Savior’s Love 1 x
I hate hypocrisy—that velvet thing 1 x
I Have a Family Tree 2 x x
I Have a Garden 3 x x x
I have a little garden 1 x
I Have a Little Song to Sing 2 x x
I Have Two Ears 2 x x
I Have Two Little Hands 4 x x x x
I Have Work Enough to Do 1 x
I Help Mother with the Dishes 1 x
I Hope They Call Me on a Mission 2 x x
I Know My Father Lives 2 x x
I Know That My Redeemer Lives 1 x
I Lift My Arms 1 x
I Like My Birthdays 3 x x x
I like to help my mother dear 2 x x
I Lived in Heaven 1 x
I Love My Heavenly Father 2 x x
I love that Flag. When in my childish glee 1 x
I Love Thee, Utah Dear 1 x
I love to attend the Primary 1 x
I Love to Hear the Story 2 x x
I Love to Pray 4 x x x x
I Love to See the Temple 2 x x
I Need My Heavenly Father 2 x x
I Never Saw A Moor 1 x
I Often Go Walking 2 x x
I Pledge Myself to Love the Right 3 x x x
I Pray in Faith 1 x
I saw a thing of rudest form 2 x x
I saw many things today 1 x
I share with sister, brother 2 x x
I Sing the Mighty Power of God 2 x x
I Stop, I Look, I Listen 1 x
I Thank Thee, Dear Father 7 x x x x x x x
I Thank Thee, Lord 1 x
I Think the World Is Glorious 2 x x
I Think When I Read That Sweet Story 7 x x x x x x x
I Walk and Talk with Father 1 x
I Want to Be a Deacon 1 x
I Want to Be a Missionary Now 1 x
I Want to Be Reverent 2 x x
I Want to Give the Lord My Tenth 2 x x
I Want to Live the Gospel 2 x x
I Wiggle 2 x x
I Will Be Valiant 2 x x
I Will Follow God’s Plan 2 x x
I Will Try to Be Reverent 2 x x
I Wish 1 x
If a brother meet a brother 1 x
If earth can be more lovely 1 x
If in the days of Abraham 1 x
If the Way be Full of Trial, Weary Not 2 x x
If we knew when walking thoughtless 1 x
If with All Your Hearts 3 x x x
If You’re Happy 1 x
I’ll be a little “Mormon” 3 x x x
I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go 1 x
I’ll Never Use Tobacco 1 x
I’ll Pay My Tithing to the Lord 1 x
I’ll Serve the Lord While I Am Young 5 x x x x x
I’ll Squeeze My Hands 1 x
I’ll Strive While Young to Tune My Voice 3 x x x
I’ll tell of a little boy 1 x
I’ll Walk with You 1 x
I’m a little soldier who is trying to be good 1 x
I’m glad that I can run and play 2 x x
I’m Glad to Pay a Tithing 2 x x
I’m not too young for God to see 2 x x
I’m Thankful to Be Me 1 x
I’m Trying to Be like Jesus 1 x
Improve the Shining Moments 2 x x
In Church 1 x
In Nature’s bowers ’tis sweet to sing 1 x
In Our Lovely Deseret 7 x x x x x x x
In Perfect Faith 2 x x
In pleasant sheltered places 1 x
In Rank and File 1 x
In Remembrance of Thy Suffering 2 x x
In That Bright and Holy City 3 x x x
In the chambers of the mountains 3 x x x
In the days we had no Sunday school, a long time ago 1 x
In the Leafy Treetops 5 x x x x x
In the Quiet of Morning 1 x
In the work of the Lord there is pleasure to gain 1 x
Invitation to Singing 1 x
Is the Story True? 1 x
Is there no secret place on the face of the earth 1 x
Isn’t It Fun 2 x x
It is not in the noisy street that happiness is found 1 x
It was an old old lady 1 x
It was such a little thing 1 x
It’s Autumntime 2 x x
Jack Frost and I 2 x x
Jesus Bids Us Shine 1 x
Jesus Blessed the Children 1 x
Jesus, Friend of Little Children 1 x
Jesus Has Risen 2 x x
Jesus, high in glory 1 x
Jesus Is Our Loving Friend 3 x x x
Jesus Loved the Little Children 4 x x x x
Jesus loved the little children 1 x
Jesus Loves All Children 1 x
Jesus Loving Savior Dear 1 x
Jesus, Mighty King in Zion 1 x
Jesus, Once of Humble Birth 1 x
Jesus Once Was a Little Child 4 x x x x
Jesus our loving Friend 1 x
Jesus Said Love Everyone 4 x x x x
Jesus Savior I love you 2 x x
Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear us 3 x x x
Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee 1 x
Jesus, Thou Art Sweet and Mild 1 x
Jesus, Unto Thee I Pray 2 x x
Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam 4 x x x x
Join the Children of the Lord 2 x x
Jolly Old Saint Nicholas 2 x x
Joseph Smith’s First Prayer 5 x x x x x
Just Once A Year 1 x
Keep the Commandments 2 x x
Keep the Heart Tender 1 x
Kind and Heavenly Father 3 x x x
Kind and loving Father 1 x
Kindness Begins with Me 2 x x
Lady Spring 1 x
Land of the Blest 1 x
Largo 1 x
Latter-day Prophets 1 x
Leaves 1 x
Left foot, right foot, marching along 1 x
Let little hands bring blossoms sweet 1 x
Let others speak of battles fought 1 x
Let our hearts be always cheerful 1 x
Let strict obedience, children dear 1 x
Let the children come to Me 1 x
Let the Holy Spirit Guide 3 x x x
Let the Little Children Come 3 x x x
Let Us All Be Good and Kind 2 x x
Let Us All Press On 2 x x
Let us cherish a love for the beauties of home 1 x
Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words 2 x x
Let us sing of the fearless boy Prophet 1 x
Let us sing with voices gay 1 x
Let Us Treat Each Other Kindly 3 x x x
Let’s Be Kind to One Another 3 x x x
Life is Full of Toil and Care 2 x x
Life’s Mirror 1 x
Life’s True Joy 1 x
Lift Up Your Voice and Sing 2 x x
List to the bluebird 1 x
Listen, Listen 2 x x
Little Baby Moses 1 x
Little Betty 1 x
Little Brother Vegetable 1 x
Little children, love the Savior 3 x x x
Little Feet 1 x
Little Footsteps 1 x
Little Jesus 1 x
Little Knees Should Lowly Bend 3 x x x
Little Lambs So White and Fair 4 x x x x
Little Lispers 2 x x
Little ones, the Savior loves you 2 x x
Little Pioneer Children 2 x x
Little Purple Pansies 2 x x
Little Samuel 3 x x x
Little Seeds Lie Fast Asleep 2 x x
Little songs, all full of joy 1 x
Little Sunbeams 1 x
Little Things 5 x x x x x
Little words of kindness 1 x
Live for Something 3 x x x
Lo! a mighty host of Jacob 1 x
Long Ago 1 x
Look at the Stars 1 x
Looking Out for Mother 1 x
Lord, Accept Our True Devotion 2 x x
Lord, Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing 3 x x x
Lord, grant that we in wisdom’s ways 1 x
Lord, I Would Own Thy Tender Care 4 x x x x
Lord, in whom our fathers trust 1 x
Lord, We Ask Thee Ere We Part 3 x x x
Lord, We Come before Thee Now 1 x
Lord, Who Lovest Little Children 1 x
Love at Home 4 x x x x
Love Is Spoken Here 2 x x
Love One Another 2 x x
Love truth, love truth in all her bright array 1 x
Lovely Appear 2 x x
Lovely Thoughts 1 x
Lovely World 1 x
Loving Mother, Kind and True 3 x x x
Loving One Another 2 x x
Loving Shepherd 2 x x
Lullaby 2 x x
Lullaby 1 x
Man’s tide of existence is fearfully changed 1 x
March (Symphony No. 1) 1 x
March to Victory 1 x
Marching Down the Trail 1 x
Marching to their places 1 x
Mary’s Lullaby 1 x
Mary’s Lullaby to the Infant King 1 x
Merrie Miss Song 1 x
Merry little snowflakes 1 x
Merry, Merry Children, Sweetly Sing 4 x x x x
Military March 1 x
Missionary Hymn 1 x
Morn amid the mountains! 1 x
Morning Praise 1 x
Morning Thanksgiving (Let Us Join) 1 x
Mother 1 x
Mother and Father 2 x x
Mother Dear 3 x x x
Mother I Love You 1 x
Mother, I Love You 2 x x
Mother, Tell Me the Story 1 x
Mother’s Day 2 x x
Mother’s Day 1 x
Mozart’s First Tune 1 x
My Big Sister 1 x
My blessed, glorious home of peace 1 x
My Body Is a Temple 2 x x
My Brother 1 x
My Brother Is a Friend 1 x
My Bunny 1 x
My chaise the village inn did gain 1 x
My Country 1 x
My Country, ’Tis of Thee 3 x x x
My Dad 2 x x
My daddy is so good to me 2 x x
My Father, for Another Night 1 x
My Flag, My Flag 1 x
My God, who makes the sun to know 1 x
My Hands 2 x x
My Heavenly Father Loves Me 2 x x
My Little Kitten 1 x
My Mother Dear 3 x x x
My Mother Dear 2 x x
My Mother’s Hands 1 x
My own dear loving father 2 x x
My Own Home 3 x x x
My Shepherd 1 x
My Tithing Gives Me Happiness 1 x
Nature's Easter Story 3 x x x
Nature’s Goodnight 3 x x x
Nay, Speak No Ill 5 x x x x x
Nearer, Dear Savior, to Thee 2 x x
Nephi’s Courage 1 x
Never Be Late 4 x x x x
Noah 1 x
Now hand in hand a merry band 1 x
Now Let Us Rejoice 3 x x x
Now look at this hat! Is it fit to be seen 1 x
Now the Day Is Over (Prayer for the Night) 1 x
O Awake! My Slumbering Minstrel 1 x
O Bright, Smiling Morning 2 x x
O, come, children, come 2 x x
O Come to the Jubilee 2 x x
O Father, look upon us 3 x x x
O, happy joyous meeting day! 1 x
O Jesus, the Giver of All We Enjoy 1 x
O let us give thanks to the Father above 1 x
O Lord, Accept Our Jubilee 2 x x
O Lord of Hosts 1 x
O Lord, protect our leaders true 1 x
O lovely, lovely Deseret 1